Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Story

The Newest Angel
 By Cathy Collar
Dedicated to my sweet beautiful Angel, Anna Michelle Collar.
We all Love & Miss you...
Anna Michelle Collar  Aug. 26, 1980 ~ Dec. 22, 2004

 The softly glowing orb floated through the dark, silent night.  Her light rivaled that of the moon.  She was told she could not go.  She could not make this trip from heaven to Earth.  She was too young, too newly an angel, but in her heart she knew she had to come.  It would be her first Christmas away from her earthly family and she must be there.  They had to know that she was all right. That she was happy and a part of her would always be with them.  The new angel wasn’t sure how she was going to accomplish this, but she was determined and with the help of God, he would help her, he’d understand, she would find a way.
She floated looking for any sign that she was in the right place.  Her journey had disoriented her a bit and she really wasn’t accustomed to her new form.  The frozen ground reflected her glow, lighting her way through the brisk night. She did not feel the cold.  The glowing warmth that God had bestowed upon her filled her whole being.
There it was, her earthly home.  No Christmas lights outside this year.  The sight saddened her a little.  Her mother loved Christmas and always decorated the house and yard with thousands of brilliant lights.  The Nativity Scene hadn’t even been set out.  But she understood why.  Her family really didn’t feel the Christmas joy this year because they were missing her.
Determined to let them know that she was gloriously happy, she slipped into the house.  A dream vision would be the easiest way to talk to them.  Her grandpa’s sister, Shellia had passed at the tender age of nine.  She had become the new angel’s very special friend and taught her a few simple angel tricks, how to pass through walls and not knock herself out in the process, how to make things glow and how to enter a dream.  The new angel said a silent prayer.  Please God help me get this right.  Her inner glow grew a little warmer.  She smiled.  He was with her on her quest.
She floated to her parent’s bedroom.  The sadness and grief almost knocked her down.  She must fight her way past this.  She had been warned this would be her biggest enemy in getting through to them.
“It will be all right.  I am with you.  I will give you the strength you need.”
The voice softly blended with her whole being.  Fortified, she bolted forward, through the fog of despair that barred the entry into the room.
First, would be her mom.  She would be easier to reach.  Her mind was open to the thought that her daughter would contact her in some way.  Her mom had prayed for it.  The new angel pausing studied her mother’s face.  Dark circles appeared under her eyes, evidence of unending tears that had been shed.  Yes, this was the right thing to do.  She must vanish the doubt in her mother’s mind.  Softly she hovered over her mom’s heart.  She had already planned the dream that would be implanted there.  Her thought formed and pushed its way gently in, a glowing white angel with feathery wings, basking in a brilliant light and her smiling face looking into her mother’s eyes.  The young angel watched as her mother’s grief lifted a little and a smile spread on her lips.
She drifted to her dad.  She knew he would be more difficult.  He was trying so hard to be the strong one.  As always, he thought he had to be the rock for all to lean on.  She felt his enormous pain.  He held inside all of his suffering and grief.  It was so vast.  She knew she had to push her way past and find the soft spot underneath.  Try as she might, her thoughts would not break through.  What would she do now?  The soft, calm voice was back.
“You must enter his heart.  I will help you.”
With a surge of light, the new angel battled through the hard shield her father and built.  Thump, thump, she was in!  She had thought about his dream very carefully.  It had to be simple, yet strong enough for him to believe.  The thought formed.  A blue sky covered with dark clouds.  The clouds represented her fears and problems on earth.  Now the clouds would part to a blazing sun, her bright new world.  He was a being of nature and would understand this dreams’ meaning.  Struggling back through the shield, she forced her way out.   She watched as his face transformed from tension and strain into a state of satisfied calmness.
Hovering above her parents, she soaked in their love.  She hated to go, but her work here was done.  If she stayed any longer, it would be harder for them to move on.
“I will visit you often,” she whispered drifting out of the room.
She paused at the sight of the familiar Christmas tree standing in its usual spot in the living room.  She took in all of the homemade ornaments and twinkling lights.  Her eyes followed them to the top, where she knew the beautiful Christmas Angel would stand.  Oh no!  Something was wrong.  The Christmas Angel's candles, held in her hands were not lit!  This just wouldn’t do!
“Here is my Christmas present to all of you,” she said.  The candles began to glow then blossomed into a brilliant light. “Merry Christmas!  I love you all dearly!”
Floating back to heaven, the new angel felt a great worry lift from her soul.  She knew her message had gotten through.  Now she must move on to her new life.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Fun

 Christmas Time
By Cathy Collar 

Christmas is a time of Cheer!
A Time to have your family near!
A Time to give to those in need!
A Time to plant a happy seed!
A Time to laugh and Ho Ho Ho!
A Time to share your Christian Glow!
A Time to dance
A Time to sing!
A Time to praise our Holy King!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Books By Me

Seasons Remembered

I have a new book just released!
If you like the stuff on my blog, 
you will love this book. It contains four
of my stories and several others from my 
fabulous writing group "Word Weavers"

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Monday, November 26, 2012

November Fun ~ Stuff

By Cathy Collar

We stuffed the turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
Then stuffed our faces the very same way.

Black Friday’s stuff must be bought,
To get a bargain so we thought.


Cyber Monday’s stuff came around.

There were new bargains to be found.

Now we face our greatest fear.
Our stuff must be stuffed somewhere.

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Pumpkin

This poem was written when I was in the 5th grade with much help from my dad. Thank you dad for introduction me to the wonderful world of rhyme. 

 My Pumpkin 
By Cathy Collar

I have a little pumpkin.
He's sweet as pumpkin pie.
I love him very much,
And here's the reason why.


For when Halloween comes,
A Jack-O-Lantern he'll be.
I'll put him in my window,
For everyone to see.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun Times on The Funny Farm~ The Alien Fence Charger

The Case of The Alien Fence Charger
By Cathy Collar
Upon returning to the farm with our lab/pyrenees mix, Lucky, after having her spayed, I was again greeted by my loving groupies Shadow, Tess, and Coco. I was surprised to see that two more dogs had joined my group of fans. Surprised not because these two were not already fans but because they were suppose to be in their kennels. Buddy, our Houdini german shorthair and Kookie, our crazy Brittany had escaped during the storm the night before.

This was not a complete surprise as they both have done this many times. Buddy has developed the ability to climb between the top and bottom hot wires on his fence and somehow squeeze out. Kookie takes the complete opposite route and digs under. Kookie’s kennel also has a hot wire around it, but it is only hooked up periodically because usually filling the hole is all it takes to keep her in.

Leaving a lethargic Lucky in the Tahoe, I opened the door and lovingly greeted my fans. This was a ruse to fool Kookie and Buddy into thinking I was not going to catch them
and put them back in their kennels. Collars grabbed I led them both back to their pens. I hooked Buddy up to a tie out that we keep close by for this general purpose. Opening Kookie’s gate I scooted her in and locked the gate behind her giving her a firm command to stay. Searching around I found two metal bars lying on the ground. I walked to the backside of her kennel to block her hole that I knew I would find in her favorite digging spot. I reached the spot and sure enough there was the hole, just big enough for her to shimmy her petite form through. I poked the iron bars into the ground and slid the top part of them through the fence. Now to secure the next escapee.

I started back to the front of the kennel but as I was about to round the corner I was zapped by what felt like three sparks of electricity. I look accusingly at the dead fence charger wondering how it could have thrown those wicked zaps at me without being plugged in. My mind zipped back to the movie Maximum Overdrive (you know the one where the machines go bonkers and try to take over the world.) Could it be? Had aliens recharged my fence charger and sent those nasty sparks to keep me away from their secret?

 Standing perfectly still, I took a closer look at my assailant. As I watched I saw one of the aliens emerge from beneath the charger. First, spindly antennas, then an oblong head followed by a thin body sporting a yellow jacket. It was followed by at least a dozen more. I quickly ran in the opposite direction. Yes my hot wire fence had been recharged, but the culprit was anything but alien.

Well away from my attackers, I unplugged Buddy’s fence and put him inside. After maneuvering the wire to try to keep him in I plugged it back in. Finally I let Lucky loose in her pen to enjoy a nice long nap. Stinging on my hand and inner thighs, I vowed my revenge as I drove back to town. I know exactly where I have stashed my extra long distance wasp spray.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Times on The Funny Farm ~Lucky's Not so Lucky Day

Lucky’s not so Lucky Day
By Cathy Collar

The time had finally come to get our lab/pyrenees mix, Lucky, spayed. A possible love affair with our english pointer, Romeo Rex, made this decision a necessity. As I drive slowly to our farm I am dreading the process of loading a very large dog that has not had much leash training into my Tahoe.
Pulling into the yard I am greeted by my enthusiastic groupies; Shadow, our old black lab and leader of our pack, Tess The Mess, our adventurous lab/greyhound mix, and Coco Puff our lovable huggable lab/mutt. I cautiously back the Tahoe up to Lucky’s kennel trying hard to keep track of my excited fans romping around outside.They are all seeking the door I am going to open for my exit.
Gathering Lucky’s leash and choke collar (yes choke collar she weighs 93 lbs and likes to run!) I open the door. There all three dogs stand panting and whining and vying for the spot where I am going to step next. After petting each one and giving them some love, I move to my target.
Miss Lucky is our gentle giant. She never jumps up on me and loves to be hugged, but when her kennel door is about to be opened she gets way excited. She bounces, jumps and rears up to her full five foot height ready to explode into her romp around the farm. I have no desire to go Lucky chasing so I have to make sure to get my body between her and the gate. If I can slip in before she gets out I can get the choke collar on her and have some small amount of control.
Taking a deep breath I cautiously open the gate.  Lucky tries to dart past my leg. I grab her by the collar jolting my arm out of socket in the process. I have her, but I also have three other dogs trying to get between us so they can be petted. I twist and turn and finally get to the back door of the Tahoe and open it. Finding it impossible to get Lucky’s choke collar on with her pulling and three other dogs trying to give me kisses, I toss it into the back and hold onto Lucky with both hands.
I thought I had this all planned out, but plan A is definitely not working. I pull Lucky over to the Tahoe’s back door all ready to coax her in. At this time Shadow decides she needs to go in first. After all she is top dog. I let her pass thinking maybe if she is in there Lucky will follow. No way. Lucky dives underneath the vehicle attempting to break out of my grasp. Letting one hand go I grab the bumper saving myself from being drug under with her. Meanwhile Miss Tess decides she needs to go for a ride too. Now I have two dogs in the Tahoe and one halfway underneath. I pull and tug and finally get Lucky out from underneath the back fender only to find that Coco has decided she would like to join in the fun.
Coco is quite overweight and has a bad hip so even though she wants to get into the vehicle she finds the jump way to hard so instead she stands in the doorway looking at me like aren’t you gonna help me in? I nudge her out of the way and pause to catch my breath. Now thoroughly ticked I lift Lucky’s large paws one at a time into the Tahoe. Then with a quick maneuver I slide behind her and push her big butt in. She has no other option than to go. I swiftly close the door before she can jump out. Now I face my other problem. I still have two dogs that do not need to go to the vet in the car. I crack the side door open where Shadow is sitting. She hops to the back putting Lucky between her and the door. Lucky, seeing an opportunity to get out, dives for the opening. I slam the door shut. Okay, let’s see if Tess will be more obliging.
I gradually open the back door grasping Lucky’s collar before she can jump. Tess and Shadow are now by the two side doors. I call sweetly to Tess. “Here Tessy. Come here. Come get some love.” Tess runs to me excited to get the extra attention. She is my most devoted fan. As she reaches me I step back so she has to jump out to get her reward. Once again I slam the door shut before Lucky escapes. While praising Tess for being such a good girl, I search for a plan to outsmart Shadow. Scanning the inside of the Tahoe I see Shadow’s eyes following my every step. She is ready to move to a less grabable (yes for me this is a word and all dogs know it very well) location when I open a door. I think to myself, “If I can get Shadow into the front seat there won’t be enough room for her to change places with Lucky.” Have I mentioned that Shadow is also a little hefty? Well she is.
Dog biscuit in hand I open the front door and hold out the tempting treat. Shadow takes the bait! As she jumps into the front seat, I clutch her collar, which of course comes off in my hands. Quickly I grab her ears and drag her out digging heels and all and again slam the door shut before Lucky can flee. Slipping Shadows collar back on her neck I scold her for being a bad dog, which gets me a wagging tail and smile. Finally one hour later Lucky and I are off the vet.
As I drive down the road with the air conditioner blasting in my face a thought forms in my mind. On the next trip to the vet to get a dog fixed I do believe Romeo Rex should be the passenger.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Tragedy has struck the small town of Knollwood, Texas and Dovie Grant finds herself dealing with the loss of her husband and daughter. Despite her grief, she still must fight to bring her remaining family through the already trying times of The Great Depression. Her father needs help on their struggling farm, Quail Crossings. She isn't thrilled that he's hired a young 18 year old boy who's caring for his three younger siblings. Surviving her grief, as well as the constant dust storms that plague the plains, will Dovie be able to put her pain aside to care for these children or be forever trapped in the darkness of the loss in her family.Hello Everyone,

I am so happy to announce my daughter's debut novel, Quail Crossings, will be available online on Sept 4th (afternoon). You do have some options when buying her book:
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             Thanks so much for your support! :o)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend
By Cathy Collar

Labor Day will soon be here!
Time to get the fishing gear.
Grab the boat and grab the beer.
Sleeping bags and tents go here.

Charcoal and wood for the fires,
Anything our heart desires.
Pillows for when we retire.
Pile that stuff a little higher.

Ice we will need the most.
Marshmallows go to toast.
Hot-dogs a must to roast.
No time to face book post.

Towels and sun block, have to take
Incase we decide to bake.
Or we should decide to shake.
We are going to the lake.

Lanterns to light the way
When ma nature has her say.
We will take the insect spray,
To help keep the pest away.

 Fun toys are a must.
Trying hard not to cuss.
After all of the fuss
There is no room for us!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!
Cathy Collar

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Angel! I Love and miss you. I am sending you Kisses all the way to Heaven!
I thought of you today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, from which I'll never part. God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart. 
Author Unknown

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anna's Legacy Leukemia Awareness Jewelry

Photo: Carnelian Antique Silver Pendant W/ Silver Roses 3 piece set (Handmade)
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Penny The Lip

Penny The Lip
By Cathy Lea Collar

There once was a girl named Penny,
Who had a freckled nose.
And when she got mad,
She was very bad,
And stuck her lip out to her toes.

Her mother warned her daily,
Her lip would be her demise.
But Penny unheeded,
This warning much needed.
Penny was not very wise.
The very next day it happened.
While Penny was playing outside.
Out went the lip,
And upon it did sit,
A bird of very good size !
It’s perch it seemed very fond of,
And a nest it proceeded to build.
It filled Penny’s lip,
Up to the tip,
It did whatever it willed.
The bird was very persistent,
And soon it laid some eggs.
Penny was sad,
She knew she’d been bad,
She was stuck till this family was raised !
She sat down very disgusted.
She looked at the eggs in the nest.
Her lip pulled down tight,
She pondered all night, 
Her mind was put to the test.
The eggs did finally hatch.
Penny was so relieved.
Bird and babes flew away,
And away they did stay,
And no thanks Penny received.
But I can tell you this,
Penny a lesson did learn.
She still gets mad,
And is still very bad,
But her lip stays tight and firm !

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mystic Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mystique Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

It's July!!!! Which means it is MY BIRTH MONTH!!!!

If You Were Born This Month YOU are a Radiant Ruby!

Ruby  " The Stone Of Energy Personified"
I am the lifeblood of creativity & breath of purposeful movement. Act with intention & watch the world open as you share your light. 
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mystique Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Me & My Fantasy! The Child of Lore

One more Fairy Tale ready for my anthology. "The Child of Lore."    
A shortened version of this story has been posted on the clever fiction page @
The Child of Lore 
By Cathy Collar
“Tempest, you must find her, you must find the Child of Lore. You must bring her here to me or I will be trapped in here forever. The small, iridescent green dragon listened to her friends cry from deep down inside the small forest colored stone. She saw the petite pointed face, huge pine green eyes and spiked golden hair of Natasha embraced within the stone.
I Love Playing in the Land of Fay!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sea~Green Beads

The Sea Green Beads 
By Cathy Collar 

“Where did you get your sea green  beads?"
“Where no one dares to go.”
“That is not an answer.”
“Tis so.”

“If no one dares, then why did you?” 
“It was a secret quest.”
“Sent to steal the sea green beads?”
                            “To steal a secret chest.”
“And did you find the secret chest?”
                           “Yes, indeed I did.”
“And were the sea green beads inside?”
                           'Tis where they were hid.”
“Whoever sent you on this quest 
 Could not be of this world.”
                          'Tis true, but I cannot tell who.
                          She sent the quest by pearl.”
“Why do you talk in riddles?
  What is this trickery?
  What hold does she have on you?
  Does she live in the sea?”
                         “She lives not in the deep, blue sea
                           But held something dear.
                           A thing as simple as can be,
                           A simple mermaid’s tear."
“You stole the chest and the beads?”
                         “Shh! No one must know.”
“Give me your sea green beads
  And then I will go.”
                         “NO! You cannot have them.”
“Then I will seal your fate.
  I will howl at the moon
 And you will not escape.”
                         “Shh, wily coyote.
                          Why do you treat me so?
                           I told you ‘twas a secret quest.
                          That no one else must know.”
“I will keep your secret
  If you give me the beads,
  For I know where they came from
  They came from the deep seas."
                          “Shh! Or he will hear you
                           Then we will both be doomed.”
“Not so my dear mermaid,
  It will be only you.”
“Why do you want my sea green beads?
  You are a wily beast.
  And I can give you so much more,
  I can give you a feast.
 Of fish and shell and turtles too,
 A feast for all your life,
 And if you want it be so
 I can give you a wife.”
“This is true for I have seen
  You weave your magic spells,
  But in your sea green beads, my dear
  Much stronger magic dwells.”
“You would take what is not yours?
  What a foul beast you be!
  You would steal my precious beads.
  You would take them from me?”
“I am true to my nature dear,
  Stealing is what I do.
  The question that you must ask is
  Of what nature are you?”

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thoughts From Cathy ~ Fun Cat

Fun Thought for the Day
When you have written about how fantastic I am instead of writing about the stupid stuff the dog does, I will read it. Until then leave me alone.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to have some FUN!

Have you had your smile Today? Check out all of the Fun by clicking the on the FUN POEMS tab.

Isn't this just the cutest critter you've ever seen!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mystique Jewelry

We will be having a
 Jewelry Show 
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mystique Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thoughts From Cathy ~ Fairy Anthology Update

Do You Believe In Fairies?
I have Four Fairy Stories and 
Three Fairy Poems
edited for my Anthology!
Comming Soon!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thoughts From Cathy~ Freedom to Choose

Quotes By Me

Freedom To Chose
Freedom To Strive
Brings Out the Excellence
Hidden Inside

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tessy Tales ~ Bad Doggy Day

A Note from Tess 
I was a very BAD Doggy today.
(I know this because Mommy told me so.  Many Times.)
She made me a really nice kennel, with a really nice pool, and a really nice shade tree, and I would not stay in it. I jumped over the top of the new shiny Hot Wire 3 times. Now I am singing that same old song.
"I'm Back on the Tie Out Again.
I'm Back on the Tie Out Again,
Oh Woe is me
Oh how can it be
That I'm back on the Tie Out again"

That is until I figure out to get this double hook onhooked.  
Then I am going to go after that ring tailed bandit I saw in the alley last night. (Hee Hee) 

P. S. Don't tell Mom. I stole her computer and typed this with my nose.  Mom needs a bigger keyboard!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mystique Jewelry

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughts From Cathy~ Whispered Beginnings

I have a story published in an anthology of Love Stories 
{Whispered Beginnings}. My story Whispers In The Wind is a fairy tale love story and the book is available through our Anna's Legacy Store @ with 10 % of the proceeds being donated to Anna's Legacy.  Have a wonderful Day and READ A BOOK! 
I had a  wonderful time at the Oklahoma Writers Conference in Oklahoma City! There were a lot of fascinating people there with wonderful information to help everyone with their writing careers. This was my first time to attend a conference and it was well worth the time and money spent. I would encourage anyone who writes to attend a conference near you. They are Fantastic! Also I have to brag just a little.  I won 2nd place in the conference contest for Inspirational Story with my Childrens story "Hugs From Heaven"! Yeah!!!! I beat out 52 other entries!!! My judge was from NY. WOW! I am now looking for a editor to send this childrens christian story to be published. I will keep you posted on my progress!  

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mystique Jewelry "The Spirit Within"

Let these Copper Butterflies 
take away your worries & pain.

Copper W/ Small Butterflies
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thoughts From Cathy

Positivity is the necessity for advancing beyond the difficulty.
Keep your head High in the Security of God and Down in the Comfort of Prayer. 
Give a Nod to God. ~ CLC~

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mystique Jewelry - The Spirit Within

Give her the key to your heart and you can't go wrong.
Black Key W/ Red Rhinestones & Red Crystals in Black
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts From Cathy~ For The Love Of Salt

For The Love of Salt
By Cathy Collar

 Okay, I admit it. I am a saltaholic. There I have said it, but I am not ashamed of it. I LOVE the taste of salt. I do not have high blood pressure. I do not retain fluid and I am generally a very healthy person, so therefore when I decide, and it is MY decision, to use salt on my food I should not be criticized for it. In fact when I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter I cut back on my salt intake like any good little mommy to be should. The results were a severe blood pressure drop that caused very annoying dizzy spells every time I stood up. Not knowing what was causing this problem I of course went to my doctor who abruptly told me that even though he would not say this to very many pregnant women I NEEDED TO EAT MORE SALT. So of course I did, in the very healthy form of tomato juice. No more dizzy spells after that. I also remember getting leg cramps during high school basketball practice and having to take sodium pills for that. So I will eat my salt and be very happy that I can without any adverse side effects. I did check pluses and minuses for salt consumption for “Normal” people. We all need salt or actually sodium in our body for it to function normally.
Our body needs a small amount of sodium to help maintain normal function of nerves and muscles, especially in relaxation and contraction and keep normal blood pressure. Also sodium functions as a proper hydrator, Lower level of sodium in our body results in dehydration. Insufficient sodium can also cause an imbalance in pH level of blood and bad muscle function. The daily intake of sodium for a healthy adult is 2,400 mg, but this may differ with each person.
So, I am going to continue to salt my food, even after it has been cooked and use seasoned salts when I cook. Those people who think this is wrong or BAD for me can just eat with someone else.  To all of my salt lover friends out there let’s raise our salt-rimmed margarita glass and salute our tasty seasoning, SALT!

Mystique Jewelry

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Books By Me

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tessys Tales :The Bad Decision

Tess the Mess
& The Bad Decision
 Hi! It’s me Tess popping in to let everyone know that I am feeling better! I feel so good that I think it is time for mom to take me back out to the farm so that I can run and play and hunt!
But I haven’t convinced mom and vet Angie yet. I have done everything I can think of to let them know I am fine. I am gaining weight. I don’t feel like I need to eat all of the time, even though I do still gobble down my canned dog food as quick as I can. I gobble it down mainly so no one else will steal it from me, even though there isn’t anyone else in the back yard when I am being fed you never know when something’s gonna sneak up on ya.
Mom makes me take this yucky medicine. First she pries my mouth open and drops two pills in my throat. Then she tells me to swallow them. There isn’t much else I can do because she holds my mouth shut until I do. After that she gives me my canned dog food, but she pours this icky powder on the top of it, so I have to eat through it to get to the good stuff. I hate taking my medicine! 
I was a bad girl yesterday but it wasn’t my fault. That stupid squirrel was to blame. I was sitting in the yard watching the birds in the trees, when it jumped up on the fence! It hopped and skipped and made mocking clicking sounds at me. I had to get that squirrel! I ran to the fence but was violently jerked back by my tie out. I had to get off! I know this trick. If I grab my color with my mouth and pull it up then I can use my paw and sometimes I can get the clip on my tie out to open. After a little work I got it and I was off! The stupid squirrel was still on the fence, so I went straight for him, unfortunately, he got away cheating by climbing up the tree. It didn’t matter though, cause I was FREE! I jumped the back gate and headed out for a good long run, but I forgot that the two little dogs, Missy a Chihuahua, and Reiley a Lhasa Apso, were in the backyard and they both told mom that I had escaped. I ran to the next block down, but there were a bunch of other dogs there and they told on me also.
            I spotted mom’s big car and changed direction. I didn’t think she saw me, but I ran as fast as I could just in case she did. I smelled something really good so I headed downtown. It wasn’t very far away, but I was getting really tired. I must not have been as well has I thought. I knew I needed to go back home and rest. Just then I saw mom drive by my in her big car. She was hollering my name. As she stopped I ran to the car and whined. She heard me panting and got out to open the door so she could take me home. Believe me, I was more than ready to go. I jumped into the big car and mom took me home and put me back on my tie out, this time with a double hook. She was a little mad at me.
            So now I am stuck on the double tie out in the backyard again, but that’s all right for now because I am more than ready for a good long nap. But tomorrow is another day.
Written by My Mom
Cathy Collar
Because I don't have Thumbs or Fingers