Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Thursday, May 8, 2014


In Memory of My Mother

The Lovely Lou Anne

By Cathy Collar

You reveled in the beauty of the world around,
The sweet fragrance of hyacinths, as they pierce the ground.
The brightly colored daffodils, bobbing toward the sun.
The robin and the meadow lark, when their song is sung.
Turkey, quail, and raccoon, fed in your backyard.
On the creek the beavers worked so
diligent and hard.
At the dawn, or at the dusk, a deer might shyly tread
To graze among the blossom growing in the flower bed.
Horses prancing,  pawing, neighing, running just for fun,
The wonder of the sunset, when the day is done.
As ashes drift with the breeze and settle to the ground,
The beauty of your soul enhances everything around.
We’ll hear your laughter in the song, the birds sing everyday.
We’ll see your grace and beauty through the creatures as they play.
And in the haven by the creek, which you have chosen well,
Eternally your soul will keep and your memory will dwell. CLC
I Love & Miss You Mom