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Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Memory of my Daughter, Anna

The Newest Angel
  By C. L. Collar
Dedicated to my sweet beautiful Angel, Anna Michelle Collar.
We all Love & Miss you...
Anna Michelle Collar  Aug. 26, 1980 ~ Dec. 22, 2004    

The softly glowing orb floated through the dark, silent night.  Her light rivaled that of the moon.  She was told she could not go.  She could not make this trip from heaven to Earth.  She was too young, too newly an angel, but in her heart she knew she had to come.  It would be her first Christmas away from her earthly family and she must be there.  They had to know that she was all right. That she was happy and a part of her would always be with them.  The new angel wasn’t sure how she was going to accomplish this, but she was determined and with the help of God, he would help her, he’d understand, she would find a way.
She floated looking for any sign that she was in the right place.  Her journey had disoriented her a bit and she really wasn’t accustomed to her new form.  The frozen ground reflected her glow, lighting her way through the brisk night. She did not feel the cold.  The glowing warmth that God had bestowed upon her filled her whole being.
There it was, her earthly home.  No Christmas lights outside this year.  The sight saddened her a little.  Her mother loved Christmas and always decorated the house and yard with thousands of brilliant lights.  The Nativity Scene hadn’t even been set out.  But she understood why.  Her family really didn’t feel the Christmas joy this year because they were missing her.
Determined to let them know that she was gloriously happy, she slipped into the house.  A dream vision would be the easiest way to talk to them.  Her grandpa’s sister, Shellia had passed at the tender age of nine.  She had become the new angel’s very special friend and taught her a few simple angel tricks, how to pass through walls and not knock herself out in the process, how to make things glow and how to enter a dream.  The new angel said a silent prayer.  Please God help me get this right.  Her inner glow grew a little warmer.  She smiled.  He was with her on her quest.
She floated to her parent’s bedroom.  The sadness and grief almost knocked her down.  She must fight her way past this.  She had been warned this would be her biggest enemy in getting through to them.
“It will be all right.  I am with you.  I will give you the strength you need.”
The voice softly blended with her whole being.  Fortified, she bolted forward, through the fog of despair that barred the entry into the room.
First, would be her mom.  She would be easier to reach.  Her mind was open to the thought that her daughter would contact her in some way.  Her mom had prayed for it.  The new angel pausing studied her mother’s face.  Dark circles appeared under her eyes, evidence of unending tears that had been shed.  Yes, this was the right thing to do.  She must vanish the doubt in her mother’s mind.  Softly she hovered over her mom’s heart.  She had already planned the dream that would be implanted there.  Her thought formed and pushed its way gently in, a glowing white angel with feathery wings, basking in a brilliant light and her smiling face looking into her mother’s eyes.  The young angel watched as her mother’s grief lifted a little and a smile spread on her lips.
She drifted to her dad.  She knew he would be more difficult.  He was trying so hard to be the strong one.  As always, he thought he had to be the rock for all to lean on.  She felt his enormous pain.  He held inside all of his suffering and grief.  It was so vast.  She knew she had to push her way past and find the soft spot underneath.  Try as she might, her thoughts would not break through.  What would she do now?  The soft, calm voice was back.
“You must enter his heart.  I will help you.”
With a surge of light, the new angel battled through the hard shield her father and built.  Thump, thump, she was in!  She had thought about his dream very carefully.  It had to be simple, yet strong enough for him to believe.  The thought formed.  A blue sky covered with dark clouds.  The clouds represented her fears and problems on earth.  Now the clouds would part to a blazing sun, her bright new world.  He was a being of nature and would understand this dreams’ meaning.  Struggling back through the shield, she forced her way out.   She watched as his face transformed from tension and strain into a state of satisfied calmness.
Hovering above her parents, she soaked in their love.  She hated to go, but her work here was done.  If she stayed any longer, it would be harder for them to move on.
“I will visit you often,” she whispered drifting out of the room.
She paused at the sight of the familiar Christmas tree standing in its usual spot in the living room.  She took in all of the homemade ornaments and twinkling lights.  Her eyes followed them to the top, where she knew the beautiful Christmas Angel would stand.  Oh no!  Something was wrong.  The Christmas Angel's candles, held in her hands were not lit!  This just wouldn’t do!
“Here is my Christmas present to all of you,” she said.  The candles began to glow then blossomed into a brilliant light. “Merry Christmas!  I love you all dearly!”
Floating back to heaven, the new angel felt a great worry lift from her soul.  She knew her message had gotten through.  Now she must move on to her new life.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gifts for the Holidays!

 A Fantastic Gift for your Tween!

A mysterious golden chest in Grams’s attic, a stained-glass 
window that never ages, and a strange dream. What do these three things have in common? MAGIC. This magic sends twins, Katie and Billy, and their two best friends on a quest into Fey in pursuit of a stolen talisman, The Dagger of Truth. In the hands of dark magic, this mighty talisman can be transformed into The Dagger of Malice and possess the power to destroy both Fey and mortal Earth. The friends are guided on their mission by four good fairies, a Brownie, Sun Fairy, Sphinx, and The Green Lady. Armed with magical weapons, gifted from the Dwarfs, they go in pursuit of the thief, a Soul Shrinker, and his mother the Queen of the Dark Fairies. Come along for the ride as “The Chosen Ones” step into an exotic land full of danger, magic and mystery.

The McCory Chronicles:
Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth  

Kindle ~

I hope you enjoy your visit to Fey!

C.L. Collar

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Christmas Poem

Christmas and Icicles
By C.L. Collar

Christmas and icicles go hand in hand.

Snowflakes dance on mittened hands, 

Christmas joy spreads through the land.

Christmas and music go hand in hand.

Harmony dances through out the land.

Christmas carols shared while holding hands. 

Christmas and giving go hand in hand.

Imparting treasures through the land,

As gifts are passed from heart to hand.

Christmas and laughter go hand in hand.

Joyful laughter spreads across
 the land.

Christmas sweeps through the heart of man.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Nightmare on the Funny Farm

Nightmare at the Funny Farm.

October is the month of monsters and at the Funny Farm ours comes in the form of a gross ugly animal. This beast is very sly and cunning. It waits until dark and sneaks out of every crack and corner of the farm. It has a small yet sturdy body filled with thousands of sharp daggers. It uses these daggers to torture every dog at the Funny Farm. The monster is as slow as an old fashioned zombie and as invisible as a ghost, but let me assure you it is deadly. Okay, maybe not deadly, but in the eyes all of our dogs it is definitely a monster. A monster that comes in the dark of night to steal their food and taint their drinking water. A monster that upon every encounter leaves them with mouths and bodies riddled with its sharp little daggers.

I slowly drove my pickup through the gate entering our farm. Odd, there was no barking and even more alarming no dogs came to meet me in the drive. I turned off the engine and listened. Eight dogs and all I heard was a small whine and a few distant barks. Then I spotted them not one, not two, but five prickly-faced animals came racing and limping toward me.

I examined my wounded pets. Yes they had definitely had an encounter with the dagger monster. Rex, our white pointer was running amuck, much like the Sanderson Sisters and Shadow, our old black lab had the limp of a zombie along with a decent amount of daggers in her mouth and nose. Bella, Coco and Buddy had only suffered minor injuries, sporting a few daggers in their noses.

At this point things didn't look too bad, but I was still missing some dogs. I rounded the barn and thankfully found Lucky and Cookie still in their kennels and unharmed.
There was only one dog missing. Tess. Yes, Tess the Mess was nowhere to be found.

The search was on. I looked in the barn, the kennels and all around the house, no Tess. There I stood, worrying and wondering if she had survived the attack from the dagger monster. Then I heard something in the hen house. "Tess is that you?"
I opened the door. What I saw made me back out the door tripping in my haste. My scream brought all of my protective pets, daggers and all to my rescue. I was so impressed by their bravery. Even with their sore mouths and bodies, they would protect me from the dagger monster that was dashing toward me.

My hands instinctively flew up to protect my face, but there was no attack and my brave defenders were quickly moving away from me. I uncovered my face and there it stood, my prickly dagger monster, Tess. Her head and chest were completely covered with the sharp barbs and she thought that me petting her would put her out of her misery.

"No Tess. No petting for you. You and I are going to take another trip to the vet. Miss Angie won't believe this."
Leaving my husband to deal with the other wounded warriors, Tess and I drove to the vet and after a good sleep Tess found herself grounded, back on her tie out in town. One night out at the Funny Farm was all it took for her to get herself and most of her pawed pals into trouble. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about this mess.
C.L. Collar

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jewelry Show & Book Signing

Honey Opal & Aragonite
It is that time of the year again! Our first Jewelry Show for Anna's Legacy will be in Canadian Texas Fall Festival ~ October 19th & 20th. Jennifer McMurrian and I will also be signing our books. Come join us for a Fun Fall Weekend. 
If you can't be there you can check out all of the Gorgeous Jewelry

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Mystique ~ Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

Something Bright and Beautiful made its way out of the Jewelry cave ~

Crystal Red Swirls in Black ~
Designed By Cathy Lea Collar
Search: CLC375 @

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Finding Fey

Night Magic
By Cathy Collar

"I followed a fairy troop deep into the night, and when we stopped, I was amazed by an astounding sight."

It was a night like any other. The moon was a silky sliver dangling in a sky of midnight blue. Brandon lie down on a bed of leaves, pillowing his head on a log covered with soft green moss. Looking at the stars a prayer escaped his lips. 

     “Please, please let the fairy troop come tonight and lead me to their glorious moon dragon, Draco.” 

     As Brandon’s eyes grew heavy a faint sound trickled into his ear. His heart leapt into his throat.

“Draco. Draco. We come to you this night. Draco. Draco, bless us with your sight.
   It was the unmistakable chant of the fairy troop. They had returned. 

    Brandon eased up from his forest bed. His intent was to follow them and never return to his mundane life. He had to capture the moon dragon, Draco, and force him to do his bidding.  As he snuck through the forest his mind traveled back to the first time he had followed this elusive fairy troop.

                  Finding Fey to be released in Feb 2014

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kiss for an Angel

I kiss my Sweet Angel Good Night. While I sleep she will take flight, and travel past the land of time, to become a friend of mine. ~ C.L. Collar
Make friends with the angels, who though invisible, are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs. ~Saint Francis de Sales☼ღ✿

Monday, August 26, 2013

Anna Michelle Collar

Anna Michelle Collar
Anna Michell Collar
Today my beautiful Anna would have been 33 years old. I cherish the 24 years we shared and look forward to seeing her beautiful smile when we meet again. Until then a large piece of my heart will stay with her in Heaven. Sending you Hugs and Kisses on Butterfly wings, Anna. I Love you, Mom.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anna's Legacy Leukemia Awareness Jewelry

August is Anna's Birth Month so in her memory we are featuring Anna's Legacy Leukemia Awareness Jewelry @
Annas's Butterfly Cameo W/ Peach Pearld & Silver Beads. Designed By Cathy Lea Collar @ search CLC008

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth

  Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Contest!
Hello Everyone!!! My name is Shasta and I will be posting all of the games and activies for Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth on this blog.

C.L. Collar promised you a new game today. Here it is. Answer the question below and you will receive a beautiful Silver Owl Bookmark in the mail. The first person who gets it right and posts it in the comments below will win!
You might have to check back in some of the excerpts to find the answer. Just click on the Excerpts from Katie tab at the top. 

Here is your question ~
How does a Nix work her magic?

The contest will last till Friday @ 10:00 PM CST
Have fun!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Otherside)

  Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth
The Otherside
 “So,” said Katie, taking a deep breath, “our quest is to find the Dagger of Validity and bring it back to you.”
            “Yes,” said Utopia, “for only then will order be restored. The Higher Source balances out the good and bad fairies. The dagger is tipping the balance to the evil side, for Bracca only kills good fairies, not only the fairies who grow the flowers and protect the crops, but also the fairies of wisdom, intuition, hopes and dreams, and of course the cherished small fairy of pure joy. Without these caring fairies, all mortals will be cursed.”
“How are we supposed to find the dagger?” asked Donnie, “ We don’t know anything about your world.”
            “You will be helped by four good souls, Jackel being the first.” She looked over at the brownie snoring loudly in the corner. “He talks gruffly, but he is really a very good brownie. In his youth, he served the finest mortal families very faithfully. The other three guides have been awaiting your arrival impatiently, as you will find most fairies are. Patience was a gift granted to mortals, not fairies.”
            “Enter fair ones! The time has come!” heralded the queen.
            Katie heard a flutter above her head. Then a luminous, perfumed fairy descended. Her bright blue eyes glistened with the wisdom of the moon. Silver and gold hair surrounded her pale blue face, her small slightly pointed ears escaping through the strands. She was draped in a silvery blue gossamer cloth. Iridescent wings shooting white, silver, and gold streaks sprang from her delicate shoulders. Around her head, forming a crown, swirled a dazzling array of white, gold, and blue lights. Her feet were delicately hoofed like that of a deer. A long slender tail floated from behind her robe. On her shoulder rested an enormous white owl, its huge eyes in endless search of knowledge. She touched lightly on the tapestry floor, preferring to flutter just above. “I am called Astra,” the fairy said, nodding her head. “Welcome to our realm. Great things lie before you.” She spread her delicate hands out before her.
            “Are you a Sphinx?” asked Katie, amazed at the sight.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (Friend or Foe)

Friend or Foe 

The group huddled closer together. All of their inner spirits were warning them that danger was unavoidable. None of them had noticed a dark shadow which had been following them since the tunnel opening. It had slithered on the walls and ceiling, hidden in the cracks and corners, and now crept behind them on the dusty floor, blending in with their own shadows. 

Slowly, it crept under their feet. It reached Katie and started up her leg but sensing The Dagger of Justice in her robe, it dove deep into the ground. It surfaced again under Ariel and smiled to itself. Yes, this one would do, it thought. The dark being slowly reached up and grabbed Ariel’s heart. Ariel gasped and fell to the ground.

      “Ariel!” cried Katie, falling to her knees beside her friend. “What’s wrong?”

      Ariel couldn’t speak. Her hands were as cold as ice, and her skin was starting to turn gray. She clutched her chest holding Omar’s feather in her hand. Her eyes were vacant, lifeless. She stared into the darkness in some kind of trance.

      “Astra, what is it? What’s wrong with her?” asked Donnie, holding his sister tightly in his arms.

      “I am not sure,” said Astra. “It is some kind of spell, but I cannot tell from whom it comes. I do not see anyone. Omar is searching for the source.”

      Omar had flown from Astra’s arm and was circling  the tunnel, his wide eyes piercing every corner and crack. He flew ahead of the group shrieking for them to follow.

      “Go,” said Jackel, bending over Ariel to protect her from further harm. “You must follow Omar and find the source of the spell to undo it. Go, Donnie. Your sword will probably be needed now, and so will your dagger, Katie. You have to find the source of the spell! Go, all of you. Now!”

      Katie, Donnie, and Billy followed Astra and Blaze down the tunnel and into a cave. Omar was hovering beside a small crevice in the wall.

      “The being is a shadow demon,” said Astra. “Omar says that many of them live down here. They are beings that have been so cursed that they exist only as a shadow of their former selves. They feel nothing except a desire to feel again. No pain, no happiness, no sadness. They merely exist.”

Monday, July 29, 2013

Katie McCory and The Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Rock)

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth
The Rock

Katie continued down the path. She came to a small stream of running water. While searching for a place to pass, she heard Donnie’s voice calling her name.
     “Katie, where are you? I’ve caught a nice batch of fish for supper.”
     She found a shallow place to cross the stream and followed Donnie’s voice into the forest. She found him kneeling beside a fire. He was placing four large, silver fish into a frying pan.
     “There you are,” he said, looking up.
    “Aren’t these beauties? I caught them just a little while ago in that stream back down the path. Come on, sit down and we’ll have a nice fish dinner. I’m sure they won’t taste as good as Grams’s, but I’ll do my best.”
     Katie sat down on a log opposite Donnie. She suddenly felt very hungry. Her stomach growled at the enticing smell of the fish cooking.
     “Sounds like we’d better feed you fast before your stomach attacks us,” said Donnie, laughing.
     “Be ready, Katie,” said her spirit within. “Don’t let our guard down. We don’t know what’s coming for Donnie.”
     “Don’t these fish smell great?” said Donnie. “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them.”
     “Four lost souls are crying in pain!” a rough voice radiated through the woods. “You have taken what doesn’t belong to you.”
     As Katie looked toward the voice, a man appeared. His build was squat, but stout. He had thick limbs and knobby hands. On his head was a mass of tangled red curls. A long, scraggly red beard dropped from his face. His garments were brown and weathered. In his hand he gripped a stout staff which he pounded into the ground as he spoke.
     “You are trespassing in my moor and have slain four of my charges. It is forbidden to eat the meat of the creatures I protect.” Then suddenly his voice became sweet as honey. “You are new here. Come with me to my lair. I will teach you the secrets of the moor. I’ll show you which berries and nuts will satisfy your hunger without causing harm to my creatures.”
     “I’m game,” said Donnie. “Sounds interesting. Want to come, Katie?”
     “No!” yelled Katie, grabbing Donnie’s hand. “He’s the Brown Man of the Moors. If we follow him, he will take us to his lair and kill us. Run, Donnie. Now!”
     The Brown Man pounded his staff on the ground. “You must pay for your crime!” he shouted. Thunder and lightening flashed through the now darkened sky.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (Gifts From the Dwarfs)


     “Ah, yes,” said Gump, with a twinkle in his eye, “the Sword of Fortitude. I could have guessed that one.” Gump looked proudly at the weapon Donnie held out before him. Then he slapped Donnie on the back. “Son, with this weapon you not only receive the gift of strength and determination but also the ability to see things clearly. No magic can cloud your eyes. You will see your enemy in his or her natural state which in Fey is of great importance since shape shifting is a weapon used by many.”

            Donnie twisted the blade in his hand. He couldn’t believe how light it felt. He looked at the proud dwarf. “I will do my best to use it wisely, Gump. Thank you,” he said, sheathing the sword in his belt.

            “Cool, I’m next!” said Billy. Billy repeated the ritual. The wagon seemed to be searching for something. Weapons clattered jumping up and down. Then finally a golden cape appeared in Billy’s hand.

            “This isn’t a weapon,” yelled Billy, throwing the cape back into the wagon. “I want something else!” The wagon threw the cape into Billy’s face covering his eyes. As Billy pulled the cape down around his shoulders, he noticed the other kids staring at him in confusion.

            “What?” asked Billy, looking at their bewildered faces. “What’s wrong with all of you? I just changed my mind. Gump said we could pick our own weapon. Didn’t you, Gump?” Billy looked anxiously at Gump.

            “Billy, where are you?” asked Katie.

            “I’m right here,” said Billy. “Have you gone blind?” Billy removed the cape and holding it in his hands asked, “What is this thing anyway?” 
     “That,” said Queen Utopia, “is The Cape of Illusion. It is a very powerful weapon when used properly. It can make you invisible, or it can transform you into anything or anyone you desire. The cape also mimics the power of the being, therefore transferring that magical power to the wearer.”

Monday, July 15, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Grumpy Guide)

The Grumpy Guide

 As everyone stared, transfixed on the chest, the latch turned. The lid slowly creaked upward until the chest stood fully opened.

            Katie looked frantically around the attic. There had to be something made out of iron up here. There was just about anything you could imagine in this attic, and right now things you never would have. Keeping one eye warily on the chest, she scanned the room and spotted something silver under a pile of clothes. She slowly worked her way towards it. As she grabbed the object, a large hairy brown hand grabbed the side of the beautiful chest.

            Katie held her breath. What on earth was that? 

Maybe something bad had killed their guide and replaced him. The object in her hand was heavy. Surely, it was made out of iron.  Maybe they had a chance after all.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Trunk in the Junk)

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth 
The Trunk in the Junk

“Doomsday Fairy,” Katie grinned, “actually, that would be a great nickname for a nix.” Her emerald eyes narrowed. “They’re very devious creatures who lure men to their death with their illusion of beauty. They persuade men to follow them deep into the forest to a pool of beautiful blue water. 
     Once there the poor beauty accidentally slips into the water. The devastated man leans over the water desperately seeking his lost love. She calls to him and he leans closer and closer. Suddenly a green, scaly hand springs out of the water and grabs him around the neck, pulling him down, down, down into a watery grave. 
     Under the water she kisses him.” Katie pushed pursed lips at her brother. “with fat fishy lips, sucking his life source right out of his body. The next day they find the man’s body lying next to the pool all bloated, green, and smelly, like he’s been in the water for years.”

     “Now you’re talking!” said Billy. “You can go to the masquerade ball as your nix all green, fish lipped and scaly, and I’ll be your bloated victim zombie.” Billy puffed out his stomach and filled his cheeks with air. He walked stiff-legged around Katie with his arms straight out to the sides.   
     Deflating himself he said, “No, that won’t work, because then we’d have to try to explain what we are to everyone.”

“But that would be great, Billy!” exclaimed Katie. “Then I could tell them what to do to protect themselves if they met a nix!” 

“Yeah, like that’s information everyone needs to know.” Billy rolled his eyes. “No thanks, Katie. I think I’ll just stick to the good, old-fashioned, scary monsters.” ~
~By C. L. Collar~