Monday, July 29, 2013

Katie McCory and The Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Rock)

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth
The Rock

Katie continued down the path. She came to a small stream of running water. While searching for a place to pass, she heard Donnie’s voice calling her name.
     “Katie, where are you? I’ve caught a nice batch of fish for supper.”
     She found a shallow place to cross the stream and followed Donnie’s voice into the forest. She found him kneeling beside a fire. He was placing four large, silver fish into a frying pan.
     “There you are,” he said, looking up.
    “Aren’t these beauties? I caught them just a little while ago in that stream back down the path. Come on, sit down and we’ll have a nice fish dinner. I’m sure they won’t taste as good as Grams’s, but I’ll do my best.”
     Katie sat down on a log opposite Donnie. She suddenly felt very hungry. Her stomach growled at the enticing smell of the fish cooking.
     “Sounds like we’d better feed you fast before your stomach attacks us,” said Donnie, laughing.
     “Be ready, Katie,” said her spirit within. “Don’t let our guard down. We don’t know what’s coming for Donnie.”
     “Don’t these fish smell great?” said Donnie. “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them.”
     “Four lost souls are crying in pain!” a rough voice radiated through the woods. “You have taken what doesn’t belong to you.”
     As Katie looked toward the voice, a man appeared. His build was squat, but stout. He had thick limbs and knobby hands. On his head was a mass of tangled red curls. A long, scraggly red beard dropped from his face. His garments were brown and weathered. In his hand he gripped a stout staff which he pounded into the ground as he spoke.
     “You are trespassing in my moor and have slain four of my charges. It is forbidden to eat the meat of the creatures I protect.” Then suddenly his voice became sweet as honey. “You are new here. Come with me to my lair. I will teach you the secrets of the moor. I’ll show you which berries and nuts will satisfy your hunger without causing harm to my creatures.”
     “I’m game,” said Donnie. “Sounds interesting. Want to come, Katie?”
     “No!” yelled Katie, grabbing Donnie’s hand. “He’s the Brown Man of the Moors. If we follow him, he will take us to his lair and kill us. Run, Donnie. Now!”
     The Brown Man pounded his staff on the ground. “You must pay for your crime!” he shouted. Thunder and lightening flashed through the now darkened sky.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (Gifts From the Dwarfs)


     “Ah, yes,” said Gump, with a twinkle in his eye, “the Sword of Fortitude. I could have guessed that one.” Gump looked proudly at the weapon Donnie held out before him. Then he slapped Donnie on the back. “Son, with this weapon you not only receive the gift of strength and determination but also the ability to see things clearly. No magic can cloud your eyes. You will see your enemy in his or her natural state which in Fey is of great importance since shape shifting is a weapon used by many.”

            Donnie twisted the blade in his hand. He couldn’t believe how light it felt. He looked at the proud dwarf. “I will do my best to use it wisely, Gump. Thank you,” he said, sheathing the sword in his belt.

            “Cool, I’m next!” said Billy. Billy repeated the ritual. The wagon seemed to be searching for something. Weapons clattered jumping up and down. Then finally a golden cape appeared in Billy’s hand.

            “This isn’t a weapon,” yelled Billy, throwing the cape back into the wagon. “I want something else!” The wagon threw the cape into Billy’s face covering his eyes. As Billy pulled the cape down around his shoulders, he noticed the other kids staring at him in confusion.

            “What?” asked Billy, looking at their bewildered faces. “What’s wrong with all of you? I just changed my mind. Gump said we could pick our own weapon. Didn’t you, Gump?” Billy looked anxiously at Gump.

            “Billy, where are you?” asked Katie.

            “I’m right here,” said Billy. “Have you gone blind?” Billy removed the cape and holding it in his hands asked, “What is this thing anyway?” 
     “That,” said Queen Utopia, “is The Cape of Illusion. It is a very powerful weapon when used properly. It can make you invisible, or it can transform you into anything or anyone you desire. The cape also mimics the power of the being, therefore transferring that magical power to the wearer.”

Monday, July 15, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Grumpy Guide)

The Grumpy Guide

 As everyone stared, transfixed on the chest, the latch turned. The lid slowly creaked upward until the chest stood fully opened.

            Katie looked frantically around the attic. There had to be something made out of iron up here. There was just about anything you could imagine in this attic, and right now things you never would have. Keeping one eye warily on the chest, she scanned the room and spotted something silver under a pile of clothes. She slowly worked her way towards it. As she grabbed the object, a large hairy brown hand grabbed the side of the beautiful chest.

            Katie held her breath. What on earth was that? 

Maybe something bad had killed their guide and replaced him. The object in her hand was heavy. Surely, it was made out of iron.  Maybe they had a chance after all.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Trunk in the Junk)

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth 
The Trunk in the Junk

“Doomsday Fairy,” Katie grinned, “actually, that would be a great nickname for a nix.” Her emerald eyes narrowed. “They’re very devious creatures who lure men to their death with their illusion of beauty. They persuade men to follow them deep into the forest to a pool of beautiful blue water. 
     Once there the poor beauty accidentally slips into the water. The devastated man leans over the water desperately seeking his lost love. She calls to him and he leans closer and closer. Suddenly a green, scaly hand springs out of the water and grabs him around the neck, pulling him down, down, down into a watery grave. 
     Under the water she kisses him.” Katie pushed pursed lips at her brother. “with fat fishy lips, sucking his life source right out of his body. The next day they find the man’s body lying next to the pool all bloated, green, and smelly, like he’s been in the water for years.”

     “Now you’re talking!” said Billy. “You can go to the masquerade ball as your nix all green, fish lipped and scaly, and I’ll be your bloated victim zombie.” Billy puffed out his stomach and filled his cheeks with air. He walked stiff-legged around Katie with his arms straight out to the sides.   
     Deflating himself he said, “No, that won’t work, because then we’d have to try to explain what we are to everyone.”

“But that would be great, Billy!” exclaimed Katie. “Then I could tell them what to do to protect themselves if they met a nix!” 

“Yeah, like that’s information everyone needs to know.” Billy rolled his eyes. “No thanks, Katie. I think I’ll just stick to the good, old-fashioned, scary monsters.” ~
~By C. L. Collar~

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Katie McCory & The Dagger of Truth

It's Here!
The cover for my first book of 
'The McCory Chronicles"
"Katie McCory & The Dagger of Truth"
is done and what an awesome design by Brandy Walker @ Sister Sparrow Graphic Design
TADA  ~ ~ ~
The book, published by LilyBear House Publishing will be released on August 6th.