Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sea~Green Beads

The Sea Green Beads 
By Cathy Collar 

“Where did you get your sea green  beads?"
“Where no one dares to go.”
“That is not an answer.”
“Tis so.”

“If no one dares, then why did you?” 
“It was a secret quest.”
“Sent to steal the sea green beads?”
                            “To steal a secret chest.”
“And did you find the secret chest?”
                           “Yes, indeed I did.”
“And were the sea green beads inside?”
                           'Tis where they were hid.”
“Whoever sent you on this quest 
 Could not be of this world.”
                          'Tis true, but I cannot tell who.
                          She sent the quest by pearl.”
“Why do you talk in riddles?
  What is this trickery?
  What hold does she have on you?
  Does she live in the sea?”
                         “She lives not in the deep, blue sea
                           But held something dear.
                           A thing as simple as can be,
                           A simple mermaid’s tear."
“You stole the chest and the beads?”
                         “Shh! No one must know.”
“Give me your sea green beads
  And then I will go.”
                         “NO! You cannot have them.”
“Then I will seal your fate.
  I will howl at the moon
 And you will not escape.”
                         “Shh, wily coyote.
                          Why do you treat me so?
                           I told you ‘twas a secret quest.
                          That no one else must know.”
“I will keep your secret
  If you give me the beads,
  For I know where they came from
  They came from the deep seas."
                          “Shh! Or he will hear you
                           Then we will both be doomed.”
“Not so my dear mermaid,
  It will be only you.”
“Why do you want my sea green beads?
  You are a wily beast.
  And I can give you so much more,
  I can give you a feast.
 Of fish and shell and turtles too,
 A feast for all your life,
 And if you want it be so
 I can give you a wife.”
“This is true for I have seen
  You weave your magic spells,
  But in your sea green beads, my dear
  Much stronger magic dwells.”
“You would take what is not yours?
  What a foul beast you be!
  You would steal my precious beads.
  You would take them from me?”
“I am true to my nature dear,
  Stealing is what I do.
  The question that you must ask is
  Of what nature are you?”

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