Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Penny The Lip

Penny The Lip
By Cathy Lea Collar

There once was a girl named Penny,
Who had a freckled nose.
And when she got mad,
She was very bad,
And stuck her lip out to her toes.

Her mother warned her daily,
Her lip would be her demise.
But Penny unheeded,
This warning much needed.
Penny was not very wise.
The very next day it happened.
While Penny was playing outside.
Out went the lip,
And upon it did sit,
A bird of very good size !
It’s perch it seemed very fond of,
And a nest it proceeded to build.
It filled Penny’s lip,
Up to the tip,
It did whatever it willed.
The bird was very persistent,
And soon it laid some eggs.
Penny was sad,
She knew she’d been bad,
She was stuck till this family was raised !
She sat down very disgusted.
She looked at the eggs in the nest.
Her lip pulled down tight,
She pondered all night, 
Her mind was put to the test.
The eggs did finally hatch.
Penny was so relieved.
Bird and babes flew away,
And away they did stay,
And no thanks Penny received.
But I can tell you this,
Penny a lesson did learn.
She still gets mad,
And is still very bad,
But her lip stays tight and firm !

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