Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts From Cathy~ For The Love Of Salt

For The Love of Salt
By Cathy Collar

 Okay, I admit it. I am a saltaholic. There I have said it, but I am not ashamed of it. I LOVE the taste of salt. I do not have high blood pressure. I do not retain fluid and I am generally a very healthy person, so therefore when I decide, and it is MY decision, to use salt on my food I should not be criticized for it. In fact when I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter I cut back on my salt intake like any good little mommy to be should. The results were a severe blood pressure drop that caused very annoying dizzy spells every time I stood up. Not knowing what was causing this problem I of course went to my doctor who abruptly told me that even though he would not say this to very many pregnant women I NEEDED TO EAT MORE SALT. So of course I did, in the very healthy form of tomato juice. No more dizzy spells after that. I also remember getting leg cramps during high school basketball practice and having to take sodium pills for that. So I will eat my salt and be very happy that I can without any adverse side effects. I did check pluses and minuses for salt consumption for “Normal” people. We all need salt or actually sodium in our body for it to function normally.
Our body needs a small amount of sodium to help maintain normal function of nerves and muscles, especially in relaxation and contraction and keep normal blood pressure. Also sodium functions as a proper hydrator, Lower level of sodium in our body results in dehydration. Insufficient sodium can also cause an imbalance in pH level of blood and bad muscle function. The daily intake of sodium for a healthy adult is 2,400 mg, but this may differ with each person.
So, I am going to continue to salt my food, even after it has been cooked and use seasoned salts when I cook. Those people who think this is wrong or BAD for me can just eat with someone else.  To all of my salt lover friends out there let’s raise our salt-rimmed margarita glass and salute our tasty seasoning, SALT!

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