Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tessys Tales :The Bad Decision

Tess the Mess
& The Bad Decision
 Hi! It’s me Tess popping in to let everyone know that I am feeling better! I feel so good that I think it is time for mom to take me back out to the farm so that I can run and play and hunt!
But I haven’t convinced mom and vet Angie yet. I have done everything I can think of to let them know I am fine. I am gaining weight. I don’t feel like I need to eat all of the time, even though I do still gobble down my canned dog food as quick as I can. I gobble it down mainly so no one else will steal it from me, even though there isn’t anyone else in the back yard when I am being fed you never know when something’s gonna sneak up on ya.
Mom makes me take this yucky medicine. First she pries my mouth open and drops two pills in my throat. Then she tells me to swallow them. There isn’t much else I can do because she holds my mouth shut until I do. After that she gives me my canned dog food, but she pours this icky powder on the top of it, so I have to eat through it to get to the good stuff. I hate taking my medicine! 
I was a bad girl yesterday but it wasn’t my fault. That stupid squirrel was to blame. I was sitting in the yard watching the birds in the trees, when it jumped up on the fence! It hopped and skipped and made mocking clicking sounds at me. I had to get that squirrel! I ran to the fence but was violently jerked back by my tie out. I had to get off! I know this trick. If I grab my color with my mouth and pull it up then I can use my paw and sometimes I can get the clip on my tie out to open. After a little work I got it and I was off! The stupid squirrel was still on the fence, so I went straight for him, unfortunately, he got away cheating by climbing up the tree. It didn’t matter though, cause I was FREE! I jumped the back gate and headed out for a good long run, but I forgot that the two little dogs, Missy a Chihuahua, and Reiley a Lhasa Apso, were in the backyard and they both told mom that I had escaped. I ran to the next block down, but there were a bunch of other dogs there and they told on me also.
            I spotted mom’s big car and changed direction. I didn’t think she saw me, but I ran as fast as I could just in case she did. I smelled something really good so I headed downtown. It wasn’t very far away, but I was getting really tired. I must not have been as well has I thought. I knew I needed to go back home and rest. Just then I saw mom drive by my in her big car. She was hollering my name. As she stopped I ran to the car and whined. She heard me panting and got out to open the door so she could take me home. Believe me, I was more than ready to go. I jumped into the big car and mom took me home and put me back on my tie out, this time with a double hook. She was a little mad at me.
            So now I am stuck on the double tie out in the backyard again, but that’s all right for now because I am more than ready for a good long nap. But tomorrow is another day.
Written by My Mom
Cathy Collar
Because I don't have Thumbs or Fingers


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    1. Thanks Jennifer. She is feeling too good for her own good.