Friday, May 25, 2012

Tessy Tales ~ Bad Doggy Day

A Note from Tess 
I was a very BAD Doggy today.
(I know this because Mommy told me so.  Many Times.)
She made me a really nice kennel, with a really nice pool, and a really nice shade tree, and I would not stay in it. I jumped over the top of the new shiny Hot Wire 3 times. Now I am singing that same old song.
"I'm Back on the Tie Out Again.
I'm Back on the Tie Out Again,
Oh Woe is me
Oh how can it be
That I'm back on the Tie Out again"

That is until I figure out to get this double hook onhooked.  
Then I am going to go after that ring tailed bandit I saw in the alley last night. (Hee Hee) 

P. S. Don't tell Mom. I stole her computer and typed this with my nose.  Mom needs a bigger keyboard!

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