Monday, August 12, 2013

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Otherside)

  Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth
The Otherside
 “So,” said Katie, taking a deep breath, “our quest is to find the Dagger of Validity and bring it back to you.”
            “Yes,” said Utopia, “for only then will order be restored. The Higher Source balances out the good and bad fairies. The dagger is tipping the balance to the evil side, for Bracca only kills good fairies, not only the fairies who grow the flowers and protect the crops, but also the fairies of wisdom, intuition, hopes and dreams, and of course the cherished small fairy of pure joy. Without these caring fairies, all mortals will be cursed.”
“How are we supposed to find the dagger?” asked Donnie, “ We don’t know anything about your world.”
            “You will be helped by four good souls, Jackel being the first.” She looked over at the brownie snoring loudly in the corner. “He talks gruffly, but he is really a very good brownie. In his youth, he served the finest mortal families very faithfully. The other three guides have been awaiting your arrival impatiently, as you will find most fairies are. Patience was a gift granted to mortals, not fairies.”
            “Enter fair ones! The time has come!” heralded the queen.
            Katie heard a flutter above her head. Then a luminous, perfumed fairy descended. Her bright blue eyes glistened with the wisdom of the moon. Silver and gold hair surrounded her pale blue face, her small slightly pointed ears escaping through the strands. She was draped in a silvery blue gossamer cloth. Iridescent wings shooting white, silver, and gold streaks sprang from her delicate shoulders. Around her head, forming a crown, swirled a dazzling array of white, gold, and blue lights. Her feet were delicately hoofed like that of a deer. A long slender tail floated from behind her robe. On her shoulder rested an enormous white owl, its huge eyes in endless search of knowledge. She touched lightly on the tapestry floor, preferring to flutter just above. “I am called Astra,” the fairy said, nodding her head. “Welcome to our realm. Great things lie before you.” She spread her delicate hands out before her.
            “Are you a Sphinx?” asked Katie, amazed at the sight.

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