Monday, July 29, 2013

Katie McCory and The Dagger of Truth Excerpt (The Rock)

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth
The Rock

Katie continued down the path. She came to a small stream of running water. While searching for a place to pass, she heard Donnie’s voice calling her name.
     “Katie, where are you? I’ve caught a nice batch of fish for supper.”
     She found a shallow place to cross the stream and followed Donnie’s voice into the forest. She found him kneeling beside a fire. He was placing four large, silver fish into a frying pan.
     “There you are,” he said, looking up.
    “Aren’t these beauties? I caught them just a little while ago in that stream back down the path. Come on, sit down and we’ll have a nice fish dinner. I’m sure they won’t taste as good as Grams’s, but I’ll do my best.”
     Katie sat down on a log opposite Donnie. She suddenly felt very hungry. Her stomach growled at the enticing smell of the fish cooking.
     “Sounds like we’d better feed you fast before your stomach attacks us,” said Donnie, laughing.
     “Be ready, Katie,” said her spirit within. “Don’t let our guard down. We don’t know what’s coming for Donnie.”
     “Don’t these fish smell great?” said Donnie. “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them.”
     “Four lost souls are crying in pain!” a rough voice radiated through the woods. “You have taken what doesn’t belong to you.”
     As Katie looked toward the voice, a man appeared. His build was squat, but stout. He had thick limbs and knobby hands. On his head was a mass of tangled red curls. A long, scraggly red beard dropped from his face. His garments were brown and weathered. In his hand he gripped a stout staff which he pounded into the ground as he spoke.
     “You are trespassing in my moor and have slain four of my charges. It is forbidden to eat the meat of the creatures I protect.” Then suddenly his voice became sweet as honey. “You are new here. Come with me to my lair. I will teach you the secrets of the moor. I’ll show you which berries and nuts will satisfy your hunger without causing harm to my creatures.”
     “I’m game,” said Donnie. “Sounds interesting. Want to come, Katie?”
     “No!” yelled Katie, grabbing Donnie’s hand. “He’s the Brown Man of the Moors. If we follow him, he will take us to his lair and kill us. Run, Donnie. Now!”
     The Brown Man pounded his staff on the ground. “You must pay for your crime!” he shouted. Thunder and lightening flashed through the now darkened sky.

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