Monday, June 3, 2013


My Very Successful and Talented Daughter ~ Jennifer Collar McMurrain has just opened a new publishing business and guess what, she will be publishing two of my books this year! Read All About It Below ~


Our list is small now, but you can be a part of LilyBear House from the ground up.

C. L. Collar
C. L. Collar is an award winning author. She will have two new books published this year.  The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth (Middle Grade Adventure, Summer 2013) and Finding Fey: A Book of Fairy Tales. Just this year, Collar walked away with three awards at the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. contest.

C. L.  Collar is a down to earth country girl who has lived most of her life in small town America. She has a passion for laughter and a strong love of God and family. C. L. was introduced into the world of magic and poetry by her mother at a very young age through the book Silver Pennies, and fell in love with fanciful writing. She presently lives in Darrouzett, Texas with her husband and a very extensive furry family.

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