Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thoughts from Cathy ~ Special Kind of Stupid

Just Wondering if this sounds really odd to anyone else.

It IS January and albeit it has been a relatively mild winter here in the Texas Panhandle, what I saw yesterday made me stop and gap and wonder if common sense has just said forget it and left the planet.

The temp was about 40 deg and the wind was whistling a blustery 25 to 30 MPH!
I had just finished helping the nice young man wrestling my 50 lb bag of dog food into my vehicle, by holding the door and trying desperately not to let the wind take it and me off on a kite ride and was very thankful that my daily duty had been done.  My Hunky Husband could unload it later.  I pulled out of the parking lot as a large gust of wind whipped across the road carrying with it a massive spray of Texas drought dirt.  I'm thanking my lucking stars that I don't have to work in this awful, nasty weather, when I am passed by ..wait for it..wait for it.. A White Mustang Convertible with it's Top Down!  No this was not an old convertible that had a malfunctioning top.  It was a brand NEW one.  No there were not teenagers driving it, which would have at least made some sense, but 30 somethings, one girl and two boys and the girl was driving!
As I looked on stunned, she hit the gas and spend down the road as dirt piled into her new car and her face.
It was cold. It was dirty. It was a New Car! Why would anyone with common sense do this?

My only solution I found later in this pic. Then it all came to light!

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