Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughts from Cathy ~ Save the Twinkie

Hostess, Maker Of Twinkies, Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection


Boy are we in trouble now!  No more TWINKIES! No sugary treat in our lunch box? No delicious delight in our vending machines? No Sacred Treasure in our glove box? We will have to break open President Clinton's time capsule to find our fix! 
Pleased Help! These treats are in serious danger of going into extinction!
We must all work together to alleviate this desperate situation! It is up to us to pull this precious icon from the grasp of  nonexistent.  We can not leave this critical matter up to our government, for they would just sweep our treasured TWINKIES under the carpet and forget they ever existed.

So let's do this!   SAVE THE TWINKIES!!!!
Everyone go to the store first thing in the morning and buy some TWINKIES!
Please pass the word on to all of your friends!


  1. I heard this the other day and immediately had a sugar withdrawal headache. LOL! I love twinkies and ho ho's and suzy Q's and those wonderful cream filled cup cakes. I'm in....I am buying all the hostess items on the shelf in the morning. Well, maybe not all of them. But enough to give me a sugar high:-)

    1. You Go Girl! Save the Twinkies and all other Hostess goodies. I can also eat their fried pies and make some headway on my New Years Resolution! Save two birds with one bite! LOL