Monday, August 17, 2015

Tess The Mess: The Convict

The Convict
By C.L. Collar

Well, here I am stuck in jail, again. It’s not my fault. Nobody understands me. I can’t be enclosed in a pen or yard. I go crazy! I have to be able to run, run, run. Have I mentioned I’m a dog?  No? Well I am.
My name is Tess. I have a short redish brown coat, beautiful brown eyes and legs that never quit. I think I am a greyhound/ lab mix, but no one really knows for sure. I keep running away from home, because I am very claustrophobic. I also might be a little ADHD and to top it all off the neighbors think I am a Kleptomaniac!
Okay, so I have a few problems to work out. My human parents probably won’t be able to afford my bail this time. I heard Dad say the other day that my antics (whatever that is) were driving him to bankruptcy. I don’t know what the fuss was all about. It was just a tennis shoe from the neighbor's house. You would have thought I had stolen something valuable like a steak. Anyway, dad had to pay the man and he was not happy with me, so I got put in time out, on a tie out, in a pen.
I tried to be good, but I panicked. I gnawed my way through the tie and jumped over the six foot fence to my FREEDOM! It didn’t last long. I didn’t get two blocks before the dogcatcher caught me. I think this would make a good case for harassment, but I’m just a dog so I don’t know. 
So here I am, again in prison. There is a fierce pit bull beside me. He really scares me. I need to plan an escape.  I already feel the walls closing in!
I hear voices. It’s the nice lady that takes us to the T.V. station. I really like her, but this also means that I’m running out of time.  If no one adopts me in three days I will be domed!  I have to escape! I’ll have to make my break when we go to the holding pen. It’s my only hope!
The handlers are gone, now to enforce my plan. The fence is only four foot, an easy hop for a dog like me. I hear voices. There’s another dog in the pen by ours waiting to meet her new family. I must wait until they leave.
Two women are laughing as they enter her pen. I try to look uninterested. They pet the dog and talk to her so sweet. They seem very nice. I think she is going to have a very good home. 
I get up on the fence to get a better look. Oh no. One of them saw me. She’s walking over here. Dang ADHD! Oh well, I’d better make the best of it. She pets my head and tells me how pretty I am. She somehow knows that I’m afraid of the big pit and tells me that it’ll be all right. No one will let him hurt me. I feel instant comfort. I look into her eyes. Her eyes smile back into mine. I really want to go home with her, but how do I let her know?
“Paperwork’s done,” the jailer says “you can take her home.”
“Let’s go, Coco!”
I watch them leave.
I feel it coming on. PANIC ATTACK! I cannot let her leave with out me. I must tell her how much I need her. Before I know it I’m over the fence and racing after her. I bark and run between her and Coco. I look pleading into her eyes and lick her face. "Please take me with you!"
 She grabs my collar and pats my head. “So you think I need to take you home too,” she says.
YES! YES! I bounce with enthusiasm, or the ADHD, but YES, I want to go home with you! I need your help. I need you.
The jailer comes out with a leash to take me away. I drop my head as I am led slowly back to my cell.  I know that I blew my only chance for escape and now I don’t even get to go on T.V. I am doomed. I try to sleep, but all I can do is think about the nice lady and how wonderful it be to be her dog.
Day three. I am out of time and soon they will come to get me. I am so sad and depressed, that it really doesn’t matter anymore. I hear them coming. I am not long for this world. Not even a nice steak dinner to send me on my way, oh well. 
My cell door opens. I don’t raise my head. They clip the lease to my collar and lead me outside. I walk slowly, knowing my destiny. I look up, one last look at the blue sky. My last thoughts will be of my fun filled days of running and carefree play. I feel the panic coming on! I tug hard at the leash and run to the open door and right into the arms of my angel!
“Well, hello again,” I hear her say as she grabs my collar. “You are a bit impatient aren’t you?”
I am confused, but so happy to see her! I bounce for joy. At least I will get one last big hug before I pass over the rainbow bridge. This is much better than any steak.
I sit lovingly by her side as she finishes writing on the paper. She gives the paper to the man and leads me to the door. The FRONT DOOR!
“I think I have the perfect place for you,” she says, as I jump into her car. “How does two hundred an fifty acres of running ground sound to you?”
I bark! “Just like Heaven!”

To read more about Tess just click on the Tessy's Tales tab at the top of my page. 

Written By My Mom Cathy Collar
Because I, Tess do not have thumbs or fingers. 


  1. This story warmed my heart! As a doggie lover I cheered for Tess at the end. This should be a story! Loved it!

  2. Thanks Lorraine. It is the first of many of Tessy's Tales which will someday be published into an anthology. I'm glad you liked it.