Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tessys Tales: The Little Sister

 Tess the Mess & The Little Sister
Hi! It’s me, Tess! I just wanted to pop in and let you know what has been goin on out at the farm.  Coco has moved back out to the farm.  Coco is my buddy. We were adopted from the same pound and are about the same age. I am a few months older which makes me her big sister. We are soo happy to have her back. She had to stay in town with Mom and Dad for a while because last summer she hurt her hip and it was bothering her. Dr Angie put her on a diet and said that she should rest it for a while. She looks really good now, but her hip still bothers her some.
            The only problem I have with her being back is that she likes to go on my runs with me. I really don’t mind her goin it’s just that she can’t keep up and so I have to slow down for her and I really don’t like to go slooooooow.
            Today was a really nice day to run, so while Coco was taking her mid morning nap I decided to slip away. First I gave her a small nudge with my nose to see if she was really asleep. No response. Good. I slowly belly crawled to the front of the barn. Just as I was about to bolt out, there she was right beside me. She is pretty quiet for a chubby dog.
            “Where are you going? Are you going for a walk? I want to go for a walk! Please take me with you!”
            Little sisters can be so aggravating at times! I did not want to take her with me, so I lied.
            “I was just going to get a drink of water from the pond. Why don’t you go finish your nap? I will be right back.”
            “Oh! I would love to go to the pond with you! I can soak my hip in the cool water! I’m really not tired anymore.”
            Darn, I thought. I will have to wait till later for my long run.
            “Okay, let’s go,” I said, “but be careful. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
            Sometimes it is soooo hard being the big sister.
            I am enclosing a picture of Coco so you will know what she looks like. She is really sweet, just really slow. I will slip away later to to take my run. Right now we are goin to go for a nice long soak and swim in the pond.
My Little Sister  Coco
Written By My Mom Cathy Collar
Because I Tess Do Not Have Thumbs or Fingers


  1. We lost our precious pets last year. Smokey in the spring and then Moses in the fall. I miss them every day. Seeing your two darlings reinforces that I need to adopt. SOON!!!

    1. Yes you do! So Sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose them, but I would never give up the joy of having them. We currently have 9 dogs and I love everyone of them.

  2. Ahhhh Coco I love you so. Got a good chuckle out of the "She is pretty quiet for a chubby dog." line.

    1. It is amazing how quite she is. You look around and she's right there! She is pretty darn hugable too!

  3. Such a cute little story and such a fun perspective...!

    1. I'm glad you liked it Heather. Every time I go to the farm they have a new story for me. Of course deciphering it is sometimes a little bit difficult.