Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Tomboy

The Tomboy
By Cathy Lea Collar

My parents named me Katie,
What an awful name !
The boys all call me Casey,
And that’s the name I claim.

The girls say I’m a tomboy.
I think they’re just jealous,
Cuz I have so much fun,
Just being one of the fellers.

You’d never catch me dressing up,
With curls all on my head.
I’d rather climb a tree,
Or go fishing with Ted.

Go wading in the water,
When the fish don’t want to bite.
Squish the mud between my toe,
Then kick with all my might !

Bill called me a sissy.
So I gave him a black eye.
He now says I’m his buddy.
I can’t imagine why.

I got in trouble yesterday.
I tore my brand new jeans.
Bill and I was running from a bull,
And he looked awful mean !

We were only gonna,
Tie a rope around his tail.
But I can tell you right now,
He didn’t like it very well.

He snorted and then,
He put down his head.
We had to jump the fence,
Or we for sure was dead !

I can’t imagine playing jacks,
Or sitting in the sun,
Could be very exciting,
Or really any fun.

But now hitting a baseball,
With my favorite bat,
I cannot think of anything,
That would be more fun than that !

I have often wondered,
When watching other girls,
If they ever have the fun I have,
With their fancy dress and curls ?

I guess I’ll never know,
Cuz I’m not gonna change.
And when I’m all grown up,
I’ll be a tomboy, just the same.

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