Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mom is Mad

By Cathy Collar

Mom is mad!  That is why I am in time out.  Jake is sitting by mom’s chair.  Mom should be mad at Jake, not me.  It was Jake who ran out the gate. He ran to the pond.  I just ran after him.  Jake went for a swim and got stuck in the mud.  I just went in to save him.  It was Jake who found the frog.  He tried to eat it.  I just saved the frog.  Jake got slime on his mouth.  I just wiped it off with my shirt.  That is why when we got home my clothes were wet, muddy, and slimy.  That is why mom is mad.  She is not mad at Jake. She is mad at me.  She says that it is my fault, because Jake is my dog.  But I still think she should be mad at Jake.


  1. Jake and Bo the Dumb Dog must be long-lost brothers!! I feel this little guy's pain!!

  2. sounds like all the thoughts rambling through my daughters' head when they went to time out, lol

    1. I bet it was. I know my girls thought things like this every time they were in trouble. Thanks for stopping by.