Monday, April 24, 2017

The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond

It is time to share a snipit from the next book in The McCory Chronicles Series ~ Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond ~ Coming Soon

Everyone readied their weapons as Chester slowly crept over to the huge onyx door. Turning the silver latch quickly to one side, he shoved the door open. A growl bellowed from his lips as a large brown glob of mud hit him directly in the chest sending him flying backwards onto the floor. In no time at all, Jackel had the horrid muddy beast in his hands ready to tear it apart.
"Wait!" yelled Katie. "That lump of mud looks kind of familiar."
"What do you mean?" yelled Jackel. "How would you be familiar with a mud monster?"
"Give it to me," said Katie.
"I don't think so," said Jackel, extending his sharp claws around the beast. "These mud monsters can be awful slippery. I think this one was spying on us. I'll just give him a good squish, and he won't be relaying any messages to anyone."
Jackel squeezed the mud monster tighter. It sprung from his hands landing with a splat on the floor, sat up, and then launched itself directly at Katie. Jackel and Donnie both tried to block the attack, but the monster found its way through their defenses and right into Katie's pocket.

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