Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Destiny's Diamond

I have been working hard on my second book in 
The McCory Chronicle's Series: 

Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond

Here is a snippet just for you~~~~~~

           He poked the fire again sending a spray of fiery embers into the air. As he watched them fade into the darkness, a small glow floated towards him through the trees. Soon another joined it. As Donnie watched the two became four. A soft sound teased his ears. The golden lights bounced into the forest beckoning him to follow. 
            "What are you and what do you want?" he asked.
            The lights formed a blinking path, still whispering their enchanting echo. Donnie stood. "If you are a Will-o'-the-Wisp, how do I know if I can trust you?"
            Three of of the orbs disappeared. Donnie studied the remaining one. It flickered down the path, then return. As he watched, he felt a small sting on his back, then another. Soon it felt as if a swarm of bees were attacking him. He turned to swat them away catching only air as the three missing orbs bounced off his back and shoulders.
            "Okay," said Donnie, dropping his arms. "I get it. You don't have to be so pushy, but if this is a trick I just want you to know that I do know how to defend myself."

             He followed the bouncing lights to a beautiful, blue pond. Donnie took in his surroundings. It wasn't just any pond. It was the pond that his fairy grandmother, Luna, had told him was his and Ariel's portal into Fey. If they ever needed to contact her they were to toss something silver into the pond and say her magical chant. Was Luna in trouble? The Will-o'-the-Wisp fluttered above the pond then disappeared.

If you haven't read the first book in this series here is where you can get your ticket into the Land Of Fey~ 

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