Friday, November 25, 2016

New Book!

It's Live!!! My writing group, The Wordweavers, have just published our 3rd anthology! This fabulous book has something for everyone and includes my award winning story "The Coolest Conquest"! This collection of stories will make a great present for that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list. 

Here is a little sample from my story...

My body tingled with excitment when I read the banner stretched across Main Street as I drove into town. I smiled to myself. I was ready. I had trained hard for a full year and now I was confident that I would be the one to take home the celebration’s most coveted trophy. I would be the winner of The Big Brain Freeze Contest. Who cared that I had packed on a good fifty pounds in training. I was going to win that trophy, be crowned the Brain Freeze Queen and take home that $100.00 prize.
I took one last look at the contest rules as I parked my jeep.

Entry fee $10.00 per person ~ You must bring your own spoon ~ any size is acceptable ~ if it will fit into your mouth it will work for us ~ Bring your own bib if you think you need one ~ we really don’t care ~ Any contestant who barfs, spits out, nose snorts, or in any other way ejects any ice cream from their body before the ending of the contest will be disqualified ~You are required to sign the medical release form below negating us of any medical conditions that may occur while you are competing in this contest ~ Viewing of this contest is free to the public so be prepared to be laughed at, stared at, yelled at and probably a lot of other stuff that we have no control over ~ Remember people will be consuming a great deal of alcohol so just deal with it ~ Good Luck & Have Fun!

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