Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother Nature has a problem.

Mother Nature’s Problem

By Cathy Collar

Mother Nature’s in a rage.
Her boys are misbehaving. 

Her son, North Wind will not stay home.
He is infuriating.
Her Spring-cleaning had just begun.
The trees dropped leaves were swept.
And with the help of Daughter Sun,
the new buds slowly crept
out to see the bright warm day.
But what happened then?
That naught boy, Jacky Frost,
sent them right back in.

She rung her hands with worry,
Which brought much needed rain.
Then flew into a fury,
when Jack froze it as it came.
North Wind came a howling
joining his havoc with Jack’s.
 She sent her daughter South Wind
to drive both boys back.
With buzzing songs of joy,
Daughter Sun brought out the bees.
They blessed the new born flowers,
as birds sang amongst the trees.
Now, beaten by their sisters,
the boys went home to pout.
But we had best be on guard,
They will be back, no doubt.


  1. Thanks Jennifer, maybe she will get those boys under control soon. I sure hope so.