Monday, February 11, 2013

The Clock

The Clock
By Cathy Collar

Tic Tock - Tic Tock ---
The room deadly silent, except for the clock.
She sat there rigid, a statue of stone,
Feeling so helplessly, lost and alone.

Tic Tock - Tic Tock ---
Each second was precious. She looked at the clock.
The thoughts in her head, swirled round and round.
A plan, some plan had to be found!

Tic Tock- Tic Tock---
The door was heavy and barred with a lock.
She was a prisoner in her own home.
Her father not letting let her voice be known.

Tic Tock- Tic Tock---
Oh, the sound of that stupid clock !
It was ticking and tocking his life away !
For today was his judgment day.

Tic Tock- Tic Tock---
“It’s all your fault !” mocked the clock.
She must get free or he would die !
 For she was his only alibi.

Tic Tock - Tic Tock ---
“You have one hour,” laughed the clock.
Her heart would surely burst with pain.
He’d give his life to save her name !

Tic Tock - Tic Tock ---
You won’t beat me you retched clock !
She grabbed the clock as it’s face laughed,
“I’ve driven you insane at last !”

Whirling it burst through the window pane.
As feet crunched glass, she felt no pain.
She paused at the clock, it made no sound.
It’s ornate pieces scattered round.

Your Tic - Tocking  has ceased to be
No more will you torment me.
And such sweet revenge this be
For you are the one who set me free! ”

Her eyes ablaze with insanity.
Her only thought to see him free.
With feet sticky wet with blood,
She sped toward town to save her love.


  1. Awesome!
    I have a question, Is that picture of the clock your's?? Just wondering, my uncle used to make them. They are hand carved. Next time I go over to my mom's I take a picture of the clock she has.It is just like that one in the picture.(She lives in Georgia,she will be back in Ohio in May)I'm pretty sure the clocks are the same.

    1. No it isn't mine. I wish it were. It looks beautiful.

  2. I will post the picture for you when I go over there next time. I'm pretty sure this mantle clock is the one my mom has.