Monday, December 26, 2011


By Cathy Collar

One night while sleeping in my bed
I turned and looked and overhead
What a nice surprise to see
A fairy dancing over me !

When I asked the reason why.
She said , “ Come with me and fly.
Come and see through fairy’s eyes,
A place unknown to many wise.

Where Johnny Jump Ups jump up high,
And dance and play in the sky.
Each buttercup is filled with butter,
Fairies drinking as they flutter.

Look closely on each fairy’s feet
Are Lady Slippers bright and neat.
Their gowns are made of Silver Lace.
The Sunflowers light their dancing place.”

I danced all night in Fairyland,
With other fairies hand in hand.
I listened, looked, laughed and sang,
My feet were bare, but felt no pain.

As sunlight warmed my shinning face,
I awoke from Fairyplace.
I thought that it had been a dream,
Even though how real it all had seemed.

As I climbed out of my bed,
And shook the sleep from my head,
On the floor by my bare feet,
Lay a Lady Slipper, bright and neat.

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