Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Greetings

I Touched The Hand of God Today

I touched the hand of God today
my worries swept away.
A newborn’s touch of innocence
to bless me on this day.

I saw the hand of God today
my doubts were chased away.
The young girl said they are all jerks
 her friend brushed tears away.

I touched the hand of God today
my fears were dashed away.
The young man handed me the drugs
then he knelt down to pray.

I heard the hand of God today
my mind was blown away.
The mother said, “Take that truck back
to steal is not God’s way.”

I touched the hand of God today
my heart melted away.
Wrinkled and rough, the old man’s hands
as he went home today.

 By C. L. Collar

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Easter

The Cross
By C. L. Collar

The Cross; there it stands
Bold and brave.
The symbol of a miracle worker
Who made man out of clay.
Through six suns and six moons
The earth he carefully made.
And rested a well earned rest,
On the seventh day.

The Cross; stands there reminding me
Of all the things he did.
He sent a son from heaven above
To live as we all live.
He taught us of goodness and kindness
And our sins he did forgive.
And what did we repay him with
But cruelty, all the time he lived.

The Cross; reminds me most of all
Of Jesus being crucified.
After all he did, all he helped
And oh how hard he tried,
To teach us of the Lord above
Who had given us all life.
And his repay for all he did,
Was to be crucified.

The Cross; now is a symbol
Of the holiness in this land.
Where almost everyone worships
The man whose giant hand.
Carved this world into what is today,
But I still don’t  understand.
Why it took us all so long to find,
The Holy King Of Man.