Monday, February 29, 2016

Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond

Hello Everyone! I have been working hard on the next book in 

The McCory Chronicles Series ~
Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond

I would like to introduce you to one of my main characters in this book 
~ The Trickster Pan ~

Excerpt from Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond

"No. That is Grams' place not mine." Jackel tipped his hat up higher on his head and turned his slanted yellow eyes on Destiny. "Now, Destiny how is that trickster Pan involved in all of this?"
            Destiny rose and started pacing again. “I am ashamed to tell you, but you must know all of the facts. I had finished my path readings for the day and decided that a nice walk in the woods would clear my mind. The forest was exceptionally lovely that afternoon and I found a nice spot of moss under a lovely elder tree and sat down to enjoy the peacefulness of the day.
            As I was sitting there, I heard the faint sound of a flute playing on the breeze. It was the most beautiful music I had ever heard." Destiny stopped pacing and hummed a few small notes. "I felt something was wrong, but the music had captivated me in its sweetness. I looked toward the sound and a handsome man with magnificent horns appeared out of the brush. I tried to run away, but I was not fast enough. He quickly caught up with me using the fleetness of his strong and agile goat legs. I knew then I was facing the trickster, Pan."
            Destiny clenched her hands into fists. "I pleaded for him to let me go, but he just laughed and began reciting my favorite poems. In the background his music continued to fill my ears. He danced, and played his flute and before I knew what was happening, I was dancing along with him. I felt like a child again, with no worries, and no responsibilities. I danced so long that finally, exhausted, I sat back down and fell immediately asleep." Destiny frowned and walked back over to the table.
            "When I woke, I felt refreshed. My mind was free from the weight of the obligations of carrying Destiny's Diamond. Then Pan's lethal trademark set in. I panicked. I grabbed my pouch, and instantly knew it had been replaced by a fake. When I looked inside I found this in place of my beautiful diamond."
            Destiny pulled out a dingy, rough, black rock from her velvet pouch and sighed.