Monday, July 20, 2015

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Into the Light ~ A Fairy Tale Inspirational Story
Celeste, a young woman caught in a web of abuse and self- 

destruction, finds herself visited by a very beautiful and 

powerful fairy, Queen Brighid the Bright. The fairy queen 

come to guide Celeste to the truth about herself and her life 

so that Celeste may finally step into the light and follow her destiny.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Inside a Smile

Inside A  Smile
By Cathy Collar 
Have you ever looked inside a smile?
A grin that goes for miles and miles?
A laugh that bellows loud and clear?
A joyful sound for all to hear.

Let’s take a trip inside a smile.
And linger there for awhile.
First we see little giggles,
Crawling on the tongue with tickles.

They peek between the teeth and grin,
Then they bounce out on the chin.
There they spring into the eyes
And sparkle like a twilight sky.

 And this is just where they start
Soon they travel to the heart.
There they gently touch the soul,
And make the whole body glow.

Now, back to the mouth they bounce,
And giving it their every ounce,
They spread a smile from ear to ear,
And form a laugh to spread their cheer !