Friday, April 1, 2022

Spring is Here

Spring is Here and with comes National Poetry Month. Here is one of my favorite Spring Poems. I hope you enjoy it!

To Be a Butterfly

By C. L. Collar

I’d love to be a butterfly, so beautiful and free,
To float along with the clouds, all the world to see.
I’d like to be a butterfly, and flutter till I settle,
On a soft and colorful, velvet rose petal.
To drift from flower to flower and blend in beautifully,
With my many glorious colors, shining joyously.
If I could be as carefree as a butterfly,
I would not be afraid to live or afraid to die.
I would not have to worry of what was planned to come.
I would just be proud to know,
That God’s will was done.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022


Hi! Sorry that I have been absent for awhile. I have been really busy moving into our new house on Kiowa Creek. It is a beautiful house and a gorgeous view. I get to watch our horses, deer and enjoy all of that nature has to give. 

Here is my view ~ 

I have finally gotten situated enough to start writing again!!! I am still working on the third Book in The McCory Chronicles Series: Katie McCory and the Demon's curse. Sorry for the wait but I am sure it will be worth your while.  Grams' and Utopia are both busy plotting on how to remove Katie and Biily's curse and of course, they both have very different plans. Meanwhile, other fanciful characters are taking shape and developing their own unique qualities. Sometimes I think that they are going to blow up my mind!! LOL, but honestly I love how this book is coming together. 

If you have not read the first two books in this series here is where it all started ~ 

Book One ~ The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and The Dagger of Truth


Book Two ~ The McCory Chronicles: Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond 


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

January Birthstone

 It is January! 

If you were born this month you are a 

Gorgeous Garnet!

Garnet "The Stone Of Regeneration "
When you seem trapped mentally or physically, I strengthen your survival instinct, bringing courage and hope back into your soul.

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Monday, September 20, 2021

September Birthstone~

 It is September! If you were born this month, you are a Sexy Sapphire or Lovely Lapis Lazuli! 

Sapphire "The Stone Of Inner Spirit" 
As a star of the skies brought to Earth, I blend with you to initiate the awakening of your intuitive senses.

Lapis Lazuli " The Stone Of Proclamation " 
With my beautiful cosmic blue color, I contact your spirit guardians to protect you. It is also my duty to instill upon you the power of words. Use them to teach and heal those who have not found their voice.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021


By C. L. Collar

            The wind blew up
The wind blew down
The wind blew stuff all around.


The cat was in the wishing well
How she got there, I cannot tell

The dog blew across the track

I don’t know when he’ll be back.

                          I found the milk cow on the roof

I took a picture just for proof

In the water dish I found
A frog and fish swimming round.


The rooster’s comb was on his tail

The hen was roosting on a pail.

Eggs were scrambled everywhere
Even in the horse’s hair.

Squealing with great alarm.
From a beam in the barn
I looked and looked and then I found
The pig was hanging upside down

I put everything back right
And went to settle for the night.
As I climbed into my bed
I took my foot off of my head.
And put it back where it belonged
And prayed the wind would soon be gone!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Easter Greetings

I Touched The Hand of God Today

I touched the hand of God today
my worries swept away.
A newborn’s touch of innocence
to bless me on this day.

I saw the hand of God today
my doubts were chased away.
The young girl said they are all jerks
 her friend brushed tears away.

I touched the hand of God today
my fears were dashed away.
The young man handed me the drugs
then he knelt down to pray.

I heard the hand of God today
my mind was blown away.
The mother said, “Take that truck back
to steal is not God’s way.”

I touched the hand of God today
my heart melted away.
Wrinkled and rough, the old man’s hands
as he went home today.

 By C. L. Collar

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

March Birthstone ~ Aquamarine

It is March!!! If you were Born this Month, you are an 
Amazing Aquamarine!
Aquamarine "The Stone Of Enlightenment"

I am helpful in understanding underlying emotional states and interpreting how you really feel. I sooth fear and increase sensitivity. Wear me close to your heart and feel the sea, recalling dolphin dances with childlike delight

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