Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Fun ~ A Pumpkin's Wish Part 1

A Pumpkin's Wish
By C.L. Collar

Part 1

            Sadie stared at the round orange pumpkin in front of her. The Jack-o-Lantern contest deadline was at sunset and she still had no inkling of what she would carve. It would have to be original and amazing in order to win the $200.00 first place prize. She needed that money to help her grandmother pay for the medicine for her arthritis, and this Jack-o-Lantern was her only hope.
            Taking out a piece of chalk from her desk, she sketched a face on the orange canvas. Two enormous eyes stared back at her above a lopsided triangle nose and a jagged off centered mouth.
            "That looks like something a five year old would make," she said aloud to the empty room. A couple of swipes with a wet rag and the childish drawing disappeared. It was times like these that she was jealous of her sister's artistic abilities. If only Shelia were here to help, then there would be no worries about winning the contest. But her talented sister was far away, living out her dream illustrating for the magical Land of Walt Disney.
            Sadie picked up the chalk and started again. This time a pair of cat-like eyes and a large mouth with sharp, jagged teeth appeared. "Better," she thought. "But not by much. What would Shelia do? What would Shelia transform this plain orange pumpkin into?"
            Sadie bolted out of her chair when the pumpkin's mouth moved and it's eyes blinked.
            "My, goodness," the pumpkin narrowed her cat eyes as she spoke. "Are you ever going to carve me? I've been sitting here for five days waiting to be born. You've put me off until the last minute and now you can't think of what to carve me into. Really girl. What is your problem?"

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