Friday, March 28, 2014

A Simple Poem

Today, tomorrow and always, I hold these things to be true.
The Simple Things ~


I believe in the simple things,
Of song and magic and angel wings.
Of days of mirth and days of grief
Of tiny moments of disbelief
Of gentle hearts and spirits bold
Of memories to have and hold. ~
C.L. Collar

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finding Fey ~ ( The Child of Lore)

The Child of Lore 

By C.L. Collar

 The small, iridescent green dragon listened to her friend's cry from deep down inside the small forest-colored stone. She saw the petite pointed face, huge pine green eyes, and spiked golden hair of Natasha embraced within the stone. Words had not been needed between the two friends since childhood. Their minds had fused together the day Tempest was born. They knew each other’s thoughts and communicated thus, no fuss, no bother, just pure honesty. This was the way it was with Elves born of the Tagnik'zur Clan and dragons.

“Oh, Nat, I don’t know what to do! I wouldn’t know where to begin to look,” Tempest said, wringing her petite paws as a tear of devestation slipped to the ground.

“Tempi, think back to the days of yore. Who told us the most about the Child of Lore? The Wizard, Yaz, he might know more.”

The tiny dragon cocked her head as the words took form in her mind. “What! You want me to go to that crazy old man’s house by myself? You must be kidding! There’s no way I’m going there alone. The last time we were there, he tried to cut off my tail. His eyesight is so bad he mistook me for a lizard. No! That is definitely out of the question! Besides, Nat, we don’t even know if the legend is true. Yaz is crazy. He could have made up the whole thing.”

 For all my NonKindle lovin' friends ~

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Finding Fey ~ (Into the Light)

Into the Light
By: C.L. Collar
“No! The light will show him where I am. I have to hide until he isn’t angry anymore. The darkness is where I belong. I must try to be a better wife. I am a failure. I can’t do anything right. Now go away before he sees you and finds me.”

            The globe expanded to form a large white oval. Celeste scooted farther back into her corner. Now what was coming for her? Should she try to escape through the door? What if Vincent was back? No, anything would be better than what awaited her there. She made herself as small as possible shrinking into the hard rough wall. Celeste held her breath as she stared intensely at the bright oval light.

            A hand emerged holding a white willow wand. A dainty foot dressed in a blue satin slipper followed the delicate hand. Finally, a glorious fairy emerged. She was clothed in a gown of pure white and subtle hues of blue. Her dark hair was adorned with a sparkling crown of blue feathers edged in bright white light. Feathered wings of blue tipped in pale pink shades of dawn flowed from her back. As she stepped through the oval, Celeste gasped. She was magnificent.

 For all my NonKindle lovin' friends ~