Friday, February 28, 2014

Finding Fey Excerpt (Night Magic)

Night Magic
By: C. L. Collar

The troop led him to a high cliff and there laid down the sacred fruit of their realm. As Brandon watched from his hiding place in the trees, he saw a faint glow in the midnight sky. The illumination grew closer, and he gasped in amazement. Brilliant turquoise, luscious green, and vibrant blue lights transformed into a glorious Moon Dragon. The dragon’s wings spread wide as he glided through the dark night sky, ending his entrance by perching on a sliver of silver moon. There he sat, gazing at all of them with opalescent eyes.

The fairies bowed and began another chant,

 “Draco, Draco, we come to you this night.

With blessings and our sacrifice we plead for your insight.

 Please touch our hearts with wisdom, ignite our consciousness,

 And bless us with a sprinkling of

 The magic you possess.”

Iridescent turquoise wrapped Draco's body. Dark purple wings glistened from his back. Brandon watched as the glorious dragon let out an ardent roar and soared toward the Milky Way. Tilting his wings, he dove into it covering his scales with the thick milky fluid.

Draco then plummeted toward the troop. The fairies didn’t flinch. Each lifted cupped hands above its head in earnest anticipation. As Draco devoured the distance between them Brandon could see a delighted smile form on the dragon's lips. He was sure Draco was going to swoop down and grab one of the divine beings and carry it back to his lair. But then something amazing happened.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

To Steal a Heart

To Steal A Heart
By C. L. Collar

The room was bathed in moonlight
As through the door he crept
Into the inns small quaint room
Where the Dark Haired Beauty Slept.
T’was along the roadside,
His first glimpse received.
It brought a pounding to his heart,
A weakness to his knees.
His first plan was to rob her,
Her coach expressed her wealth.
Instead, his heart she stole from him,
He could not help himself.
But nay, she was a lady.
Far above the likes of him.
He gazed at her in slumber,
Through the window light so dim.
A Highwayman, a Robber,
That’s what he was, a Rake.
He should leave her room this instant,
For his own heart’s sake.
As he swiftly turned to leave,
His cloak caressed her face.
She stirred and shifted in her bed
Suddenly awake!
She saw him in the shadows.
Her heart leapt to her throat.
Somehow she found her voice,
As she softly spoke.
Please do not harm me sir,
For I am truly unarmed.
Take what you want of purse and jewel
But please leave me unharmed.
Nay, tis not your Jewelry,
Or your purse that is at stake.
Tis you my dark haired beauty,
That I have come to take.
What he saw in the moonlight,
Was not fear in her eyes.
She knew panic would not help
She must stay calm and wise.
You flatter me, my dear sir
Place me above my jewels.
My rubies, my emeralds,
And my exquisite pearls.
Oh yes, though I must confess,
Your pearls are quite exquisite.
They were not and are not now
The purpose for my visit.
Sir what you plan to take,
Will give you no pleasure.
Tis that which only hold dear
And will always treasure.
If you are a master thief,
And skilled at your art,
And if you must steal from me,
Then let it be my heart.
A Red Black Rose appeared,
From where she could not tell.
It’s fragrance unlike any
She had ever smelled.
It mingled with his musky scent,
She felt her heart surrender.
As his firm lips captured hers,
A kiss to be remembered.
Awaking to the morning light
The night was such a blur.
Was it a dream, had he been there,
She could not know for sure.
As questions wandered in her head,
The Red Black Rose she spied.
On it a satin ribbon,
Where a small note was tied.
Breathing the heady fragrance,
As the note she read.
She was not sure if she were pleased,
Or sad by what it said.

To my Dark Haired Beauty,
Whom I may no more see,
Know this; I did not steal from you,
Anymore  than you from me.
Let the Black Red Rose remind you,
Though we be worlds apart.
We will always hold the treasure,
Of each others Heart.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


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