Saturday, March 3, 2018


By C. L. Collar

            The wind blew up
The wind blew down
The wind blew stuff all around.


The cat was in the wishing well
How she got there, I cannot tell

The dog blew across the track

I don’t know when he’ll be back.

                          I found the milk cow on the roof

I took a picture just for proof

In the water dish I found
A frog and fish swimming round.


The rooster’s comb was on his tail

The hen was roosting on a pail.

Eggs were scrambled everywhere
Even in the horse’s hair.

Squealing with great alarm.
From a beam in the barn
I looked and looked and then I found
The pig was hanging upside down

I put everything back right
And went to settle for the night.
As I climbed into my bed
I took my foot off of my head.
And put it back where it belonged
And prayed the wind would soon be gone!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Heather. I had 4 days worth of inspiration. LOL

  2. This is just delightful, Cathy! I'll try to think of these adorable images every time the wind starts to get on my nerves!

  3. My favorite thing about this crazy wind we are so often treated to here is it gives me an excuse for the way my hair looks - I'm on my own the rest of the time!

  4. Ha Ha. I use that excuse often too. It is the only thing good about the winds we have. Thanks for stopping by Shel.