Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thoughts from Cathy ~ Life Can Be A Bitch

Life can be a Bitch! Deal with it! 
I have found that as I get older, changes don't seem to bother me as much anymore. I have learned through some very rough times that I have the power to push my way through all of the crap that the devil throws at me and with the help of my friend, my savior, my God, everything will turn out for the better.  This is saying a lot from a 58 year old woman whose brain takes many mini pauses and who's body likes to take itself on mini vacations to the Bahamas. Not to mention a tad of Irish blood running through my veins. I have learned that most things are out of my control, so I must just do the best that I can and DEAL with it. For all of you that feel like change is scary, you are right, it is, but in the end the old saying stands true. When one door closes, another opens.... just don't let yourself get lost in the darkness of the hallways in between. Look for the Light of God peeking under the door that is about to open and let it guide you to your true purpose.
By C. L. Collar


  1. Cathy, thank you for this reminder. I am 62 and I can certainly relate to what you are saying. Especially at this time in my life, when I have so many things going on at once and sometimes I can't decide which needs my attention more at any given moment. There has been so much change in the last 2 years and I guess I expected that this time in my life would be calmer.I am taunted by what might come next.

    I needed this post today .....thank you so much!

    Warm wishes to you,

    1. Hi Cynthia! I know what you mean, we all think that in our golden years things will be set and our only focus would be on which fishing hole might have the best and biggest fish in it. Instead we are dealing with more diverse decisions and seem to be working more than ever.
      I guess that just means we have a lot more to learn. LOL
      I'm glad to know I am not the only one dealing with this type of situation.
      Have a Happy Day