Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Purple Problem

The Purple Problem
By Cathy Lea Collar

This isn’t fun !
 This isn’t Fair !
I was born with purple hair !

When I was little, it was sweet.
Everyone exclaimed, “How unique !”
And I was happy, believe it or not,
Because of all the attention I got.

But, then it happened. It opened my eyes.
Junior High would be my demise.
The other kids, my new found friends,
Pointed and cackled like a bunch of hens !

They shouted and cried, “Look over there !
Look at the girl with the purple hair !”
I vowed that day, my hair would change color,
By one method, or another.

Bleach I was quick to think,
But the results were a pukey pink.
It wasn’t much better, that’s for sure.
Oh ! There just must be a cure !

Dye it brown ! That would do fine !
 But mauve was not the color in mind.
There had to be something that would work,
Or I would soon go berserk !

Black, was the color, I was saved !
But the black washed away and the purple stayed.
Oh, I didn’t know what to do.
my hair now had a tint of blue.

It isn’t fun !
 It isn’t fair !
To be born with purple hair !

Fashion mags by the ton I bought.
A cure for purple hair, I sought.
Then there it was, right before my eyes,

What a fad ! Just what I needed.
 Soon my hair went unheeded.
Everyone’s hair was many colors.
My was mild, compared to others.

I went along in ignorant bliss.
Enjoyed companionship I’d missed.
Kept up with the fashion pages,
Wore my hair in the latest rages.

But, then it happened, While thumbing through,
A fashion mag, I’d bought brand new.
As I turned the page the caption read:

My face turned white as white could be.
They say it was a sight to see.
My cure had faded with the fad,
And purple hair, I still had.

So, now I’m right back where I started.
My hair is permed, purple and parted.
My friends will just have to like me for me
For there is no solution I can see

It isn’t fun !
It isn’t fair !
But, I guess I’m stuck with purple hair.

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